4.9 Million Illegal Aliens Crossed US Border in 18 Months Since Biden Took Office – IOTW Report

4.9 Million Illegal Aliens Crossed US Border in 18 Months Since Biden Took Office

Epoch Times:

Nearly 5 million illegal immigrants have crossed U.S. borders in the 18 months since President Joe Biden took office, according to a new report.

A total of 4.9 million illegal aliens, including some 900,000 “gotaways” who evaded apprehension and have since disappeared into American communities, have entered the country by the end of July, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said in a statement on Aug. 16.

“Roughly the equivalent of the entire population of Ireland has illegally entered the United States in the 18 months President Biden has been in office, with many being released into American communities,” FAIR President Dan Stein said in the press release.

He blamed Biden for putting the unprecedented surge down to external factors, not the administration’s own “sabotage” of immigration laws. After rolling back key Trump-era policies, Biden presided over the largest number of apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the U.S.–Mexico border in a calendar year in history, recording almost 1.9 million arrests last year.

“The endless flow of illegal aliens and the incursion of lethal narcotics pouring across our border will not end until this administration demonstrates a willingness to enforce our laws,” Stein said. more

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  1. That’s half the population of L.A. county. Why do I think the number is big time understated. They did include 66 people on the terrorist watch list. I wonder how many terrorists made it in undetected? This maybe the most treasonous thing this coup has done

  2. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you, thanks for nothing jackass joey. He and the democraps and the gutless, weenie chicken shit RINO’s must think all the illegal beaners and other ne’er do wells are better than natural born American citizens. FJB/LGB.

  3. Nearly 5 million illegals coming across our border divided by 18 months equals 277,777 illegals a month. That’s one hell of an illegal invasion people by people who don’t belong in this country.

  4. And they all came across my property in Southwest Texas. The a*holes left a ton of empty water bottles and dirty diapers.



  6. …… including some 900,000 “gotaways”

    I’m thinking it’s those “900,000 gotaways that pique my interest.

  7. This is the work of Barry O, assisted by Susan Rice, Val Jar, and all the other weasels who are pulling the strings of the feeble pretender. These traitors are well on their way of accomplishing their mission; destruction of the republic.

  8. If ‘Outdoorjohn’ is so phuching rich, why doesn’t he throw in some money to save America??

    My guess is he just isn’t American enough to give-a-shit…. He only wants to line his own pockets.

  9. Truth be told that the lowlife Joe Biden and others of his ilk have exploited each and every one of those illegal intruders, with the forced labor to benefit elites and seks trafficking of young children and underage teenagers, especially males, at the top of his list of things-to-do. Filmed and documented by disgusted border agents and Ted Cruz. Meanwhile in NYC, pseudo-governor KICKBACK KATHY HOCHUL has bribed with mega-coin Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, situated in the poverty area, to feed, cloth, and give phones to illegals sent by Joe Biden. KICKBACK KATHY had initiated the same bribes to other low-income NYC hospitals to fabricate covid “patient” information to fool the public during the moneyscamdemic with the assist of Joe Biden.

  10. The Democrat Party, especially (KKK)Joe Biden and his “real segregationists” (his words), have built that party upon racism, discrimination, and race-ckeansing, past to present day. To back-peddle and hide their long-standing rep, they slyly “import” ethnic illegals to give the illusion they aren’t what history has documented them being as confirmed fact.

  11. If only 1% are terrorist sleeper cells that means that 49,000 America hating terrorists are now living on our dime right here in America.
    Let’s go Brandon.

  12. And ready to become new IRS agents!
    Time to dust off the hunting rifles America!
    You know, for “enemies foreign and domestic”…

  13. And how many Russians entered Ukraine over the same period?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  14. 4.9 million? How could that be? There are only 11 million illegals in the United States, and that number hasn’t changed since the 80’s – just ask any Democrat.

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