46 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Johnson’s Chicago – IOTW Report

46 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Johnson’s Chicago


At least 46 people were shot, seven of them fatally, during the weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s (D) Chicago.

On Sunday, Breitbart News reported at least 21 people were shot Friday into Saturday night alone, two of them fatally.

ABC 7 / Chicago Sun-Times noted that by Monday morning, the number of shooting victims reached at least 46, with five additional shooting fatalities.

The first of those five additional fatal shootings occurred less than 30 minutes into Sunday morning “in the Bronzeville neighborhood’s 4500-block of South Evans Avenue.” A 35-year-old man was shot in the head and taken to the hospital, where he died.

The 35-year-old was one of three individuals shot in one incident in which police believe multiple attackers opened fire, then fled the scene. more

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  1. A more honest police report would be:
    …we believe multiple attackers opened fire, then fled the scene, and they were observed by multiple eye witnesses, who then fled the scene.

  2. Only 46, really? Would this be a good time to discuss all the areas in Chicongo where the democrats have devised ways of not having to count homicides, you know, like on freeways owned by the feds? Federal property within the city limits, areas where democrats can conveniently hide the stats?

  3. AITA: These articles never address a very important aspect: how many, if any, needed shooting?

    More delicately: how many were gang related, how many were intended violence against innocents, how many were incidental violence against innocents?

  4. I just talked to a young woman yesterday about gun laws. She was lamenting how dangerous it was in Missouri. Illinois has gun laws to keep us safe. I explained a person that would shoot another person isn’t a law follower, the law cannot keep you safe. Yeah, but if Missouri had the laws Illinois did they’d be safer. Ugh!!! I tell her it’s the big cities where the shootings happen, big, Democrat cities. Blank. Zero understanding. Young people are brainwashed.

    By the way, the title – 46 shot, I thought it’s happening, the Biden replacement.

  5. Before good old Democrat mayor Richard J. Daley, Chicago was mostly white folks and it was safe to walk around without fear of being mugged. But when Daley was elected mayor, he went to the southern states and started to bring in the blacks by the busloads. He could get federal money from Johnson’s ‘New Deal’ and ‘Great Society’ for each black he brought in. So Chicago was getting a huge amount of money and the blacks were no better off and they just multiplied. The result today, is that Chicago is nothing more than an illiterate African Tribe that is losing federal money to the illegals. With the help of mayor Brandon Johnson and Governor JB Pritzker, Chicago and the rest of Illinois now has the reputation of being the most corrupt place in the entire country.

  6. Daley getting federal money from Johnson’s ‘New Deal’ and ‘Great Society’ for each black he brought in to Chicago…

    Soooo in other words, Black Lives Mattered to democRATs – as a trading commodity!
    Inquiring minds want to know: Where was the outraged Left then???

  7. Maybe the city can supply safer bullets and safe shooting zones?
    I mean if cities are going to supply needles and drug paraphernalia and safe shooting areas what’s the deal?


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