50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides


Dateline Oct 4, 1966: The New York Daily News gossip column reported a girl was making the rounds in Manhattan clubs who admitted to being a man in 1965. She had undergone a sex-change operation in Baltimore at the Johns Hopkins gender clinic.

By 1979, thirteen years later, enough gender surgeries had been performed to evaluate the results. It was time for a report card based on actual patients.

1970s: How effective was the change surgery? What were the outcomes for transgender people?

The first report comes from Dr. Harry Benjamin, a strong advocate for cross-gender hormone therapy and gender-reassignment surgery, who operated a private clinic for transsexuals. According to an article in the Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health, “By 1972, Benjamin had diagnosed, treated, and befriended at least a thousand of the ten thousand Americans known to be transsexual.”

Dr. Benjamin’s trusted colleague, endocrinologist Charles Ihlenfeld administered hormone therapy to some 500 transgender people over a period of six years at Benjamin’s clinic—until he became concerned about the outcomes. “There is too much unhappiness among people who have the surgery,” he said.


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  1. Dear Liberal Ghouls,
    People with sexual identity disorders are ill.
    The idea that a person’s sexuality should be altered to fit the the disorder is madness.
    Might as well say to the schizophrenic that the voices he hears are the voices of God and he should do what they say.
    The reason this crap is tolerated by the AMA is that they cannot afford to go up against the LGBT army if they point out that being Gay is a disorder as well, and is a relative of the sexual identity disorder.
    There, I said it.

  2. Yeah Doc, I want you to perform a chopacockoffofme operation. Make it look like a cow pie that’s been run over with a bicycle tire.

  3. How can anybody have a happy life when all normal people see them as a vomit-inducing freak? They have to ignore reality and disregard facts. Any happiness they claim is fake.

    The mental illness is evident right from the start in the desire to change ones gender. And I doubt that ever improves, it just gets worse with time.

    I think they also open themselves up to demon possession when they make this choice. You can’t expect God to protect you if you insult Him by trying to prove that he was wrong about the gender He assigned you.

    Hell is separation from God. Transgenders make that separation by their own choice. Hell on earth is a bad enough choice, but what comes after life on earth is over ….

  4. “Nevertheless, based on his experience treating 500 transgenders, Dr. Ihlenfeld concluded that the desire to change genders most likely stemmed from powerful psychological factors.”

    Gee, no shit? I figured that out on my own. Without an MD after my name.

  5. This is the ugly part of sex-change surgery that you never hear about from the LGBTQ crowd. They won’t be happy until all their sick, confused brethren are trapped in the Hell of a bad decision.

  6. They aren’t changing anyone’s sex, mover have changed anyone’s sex and never will change anyone’s sex. At best they are mutilating a sick individual.

  7. Ya stay with the plumbing the Good Lord gave ya. If you can’t figure out whether you want a faucet or a drain that’s not God’s fault.

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