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The Democrats’ Classified Narrative Blows Up

Patriot Retort: Don’t you love it when one of the Democrat Party’s narratives blows up in their faces like a trick cigar?

Honestly, it’s as if those guys are going out of their way to prove Rita Panahi right when she said, “Trump is blessed with monumentally moronic opponents.”

Anybody with half a brain knew that the Democrats’ decision to go to Defcon-1 over the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago was going to backfire on those prats. How many of you saw the reports and thought to yourself, “Trump isn’t the only one to walk away with classified records?” I know I did.

But the fools in the media and the Democrat Party decided to jump on the story with both feet, clutching their pearls and howling about how dangerous and unprecedented it was, without stopping to consider that it might blow up on them. MORE

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10 Comments on The Democrats’ Classified Narrative Blows Up

  1. Trump is the ONLY one that was President at the Time.
    Trump was President and was the ultimate declass authority. Period.
    Biden was VP and did not have that authority. Period.

    Apple to Apples
    Banana to Banana

  2. I’m anticipating the Biden team to find some underling to use as a scapegoat. Willing to testify (for a fee) that he/she moved those files there, and Joe knew nothing about it. Just wait.

  3. Nothing will come of this. At best Republicans will “investigate” in a committee or two. Witnesses will be called and the ones that have the goods will be flippant and defiant and the MSM will hail them as heroes just in time for the 2024 elections and the Dems will march under the banner of “We must stop the fascist Republicans”. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    The Republic is broken and I can’t see a way forward to fix it and it is breaking my heart.

  4. I still don’t believe that any of those “documents” (folders) that the FiBbIes found (planted) at Mar-A-Lago contained anything classified.

  5. Speaking of narrative, the US Mint has sealed the narrative in a brass coin, for you to show all your friends that you are a member of those who follow the narrative like a sheep.


    Get your “United States Capitol Police and Those Who Protected the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 Bronze Medal” medal today!

    When they say “those who protected the capitol” are they referring to the cops who willingly escorted people into the capitol and removed barriers, or are they referring to the thousands upon thousands of cops who took a beating and lost their lives at the hands of MAGA thugs? I suppose that’s up for interpretation of the democrat narrative.

    Suppose we can look forward to this as a series on future US Quarters, after they are done with the honoring women series.

  6. you almost have to wonder if these docs were planted by “the powers thar be”, as a vehicle to remove this embarrassing ass clown from office, to get the ball rolling to install the next Manchurian candidate into office. just a thought.


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