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6-year-old boy shoots teacher at Virginia school

JTN: A Newport News, Va., teacher has sustained life-threatening injuries after a six-year-old male student brought a handgun to school and deliberately fired at the victim.

The shooting occurred at Richneck Elementary School in a first-grade classroom.

“The altercation was between a 6-year-old, the student, who did have the firearm, and the teacher, and then a round was fired,” said Newport News police chief Steve Drew, per NBC. “This was not an accidental shooting.”

The suspect is in custody but authorities will not identify him due to his age. more
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  1. That said, it’s no wonder.
    First grade was the first school I went to and my teacher was a hot 20 something.
    Damn, talk about false hopes…only had one more hot teacher in all my years of school.

    FYI ladies, erections just happen…not always sexual.
    Being a dude comes with issues…you ladies are lucky just having to deal with periods, cramps, hot flashes, misogyny, cold flashes, hormonal imbalance, boobs leaking, ruined panties, unsolicited weight gain, etc…

  2. Also OT, found this on a blog called coldfury (dot) c o m. I like it and will probably be using it in appropriate situations. The blog owner himself says he found it in some comment he can’t remember, so fair game for anyone who wants to do the same…


    …seems to cover it nicely…

  3. As to the actual topic of this thread, we don’t have a lot of specifics on the perp so we are kind of left to guess, but seeing as how we have a domestic kultur in a certain racial group that is also usually not prosecuted for gangsta acts that are commonly lionized by all forms of media; and that we have the doors wide open for other certain kultures that routinely field child soldiers, a six yo shooter from either of those groups really isn’t that much of a surprise in the current year…

  4. I knew a Navy guy who had been stationed in Newport News some years ago and he claimed it was one giant ghetto.

    Not really much of a statistical sample – but there it is.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Goldenfoxx
    JANUARY 7, 2023 AT 1:56 PM

    “Anyone wanting to be a school teacher nowadays is nuts.”


    Only the nuts are LEFT to teach in the Government schools. That’s why they teach nutty things.

    …As intended…

  6. Local news asks why was there an unsecured gun?
    I guess the kid just walked in to the gun store. Right?
    Or maybe the kid lives in a criminal household.

    Problem is that you can’t put a 6 year old in juvenile Justice system. He obviously needs to be removed from his parents. Nobody would adopt him.

    What a mess.

  7. First, get him out of the ghetto. Find a place in Wyoming or Montana with a tough but fair family to work with horses or something. Anyplace but with his so called “family”.


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