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60 Congress members hacked, locked out of databases for weeks



At least 60 members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, have been unable to access their constituent data for weeks after they were targeted in a recent ransomware attack, reports first revealed Tuesday.

The ransomware attack targeted iConstituent, a tech vendor used by dozens of House offices that enables lawmakers to provide constituent outreach, the Daily Mail reported. The vendor’s website says it keeps a “database of over 200M constituents and mobile phones” and its Constituent Engagement Platform and “identify and segment groups of constituents based on their interests, engagements, or concerns.”

Sen. Rob Portman later confirmed during a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee ransomware hearing on Tuesday, “Just this morning news broke that a constituent outreach services platform that nearly 60 offices in the United States Congress, the House of Representatives, uses was hit with a ransomware attack. As I’ve said before no one is safe from these attacks — including us.” more here

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  1. I had a trouble at the Capitol one time… out of hundreds… that gave me a chuckle.

    “They are all getting the wrong telephone messages! And you can imagine that situation!”

    I thought, “Well, that’s not really a big deal if a message meant for me went to some other clown.”

    Apparently this was a huge deal for them.


    “It’s an SMDI programming error, probably. Very simple.”

    I was escorted out.

    And yes, it was an SMDI link programming error. A digit added, or a digit deleted in a VM server can cause a few problems.

  2. @CCNV — The pols call ’em “constituents” but what they mean is “donors”. That “outreach” is towards credit cards and bank accounts. The actual people are simply obstacles to be hurdled as quickly as possible.


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