#8: StemExpress CEO Admits Planned Parenthood Sells Fully Intact Aborted Babies

Lifenews– Just a short time after a judge issued a ruling that the biotech firm StemExpress can’t block the Center for Medical Progress from releasing another video that shows what it does with aborted babies Planned Parenthood sells to it, the pro-life group put up a preview of the 8th video in its series showing the scandal of Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby body parts.

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While the videos have focused on the Planned Parenthood abortion business, the biotech firm StemExpress, which buys and resells aborted baby body parts from the abortion giant, has filed a lawsuit seeking to block some information the Center for Medical Progress obtained in its three year undercover operation.

Last month, a court in California blocked the pro-life group from releasing any videos regarding certain meetings of the middleman, StemExpress.  The restraining order does not apply to the Planned Parenthood abortion business or even to StemExpress in its entirety, making it so additional videos were released.

Today, a judge lifted the order and Center for Medical Progress immediately released a new video.  more

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  1. The videos get more horrifying. These women at PP are mass murderers and laughing about it.
    Bobbie Jindal had a brilliant idea when he set up large screens to ply these videos on the State House lawn while PP was protesting. The accessories to murder moved their protest so they could not to see or hear the videos.

  2. Court order be damned.

    These people respond to a higher law, a law that atheistic worshippers of The State can’t even begin to appreciate. It is a law that their little one dimensional minds are not capable of comprehending.

    Funny thing is their messiah obama ignores the same court orders that they think people they disagree with are duty bound to respect.

    I for one salute these people for playing by the rules that the progressive movement plays by when it comes to this nonsense.

  3. It’s time.e for protesters to show up at the homes of these demons and humiliate and ridicule them. The employees and executives of Planned Butchering are rich One Percenters that will be easy to find. Just look for the Lamborghini or BMW parked in the driveway.

    I despise the exterminators that run Planned Butchering. The idiots that protest them are either stupid (h/t Da Tromp) or they are staged by Soros/Clinton in order to look like idiots.

    You need to use their tactics against them in order to get control of the message. Show up in their rich One Percenter neighborhoods and luxury doorman buildings and raise hell. Bring horns, drums, bang pots and pans, whistles, fog horns etc… Bring spackle buckets full of bloody chicken parts and chum ( for stench ) and little broken baby dolls soaked in that mixture. Hold them up to their neighbors faces, leave them on their front lawn. Put them on the parked cars windshields of the neighbors.

    Hire blacks to go for the ride and explain to them. Point out the rich, white, One Percenters fancy homes and cars and keep repeating “they kill your babies” over and over. You must demonize them. Isolate them. Put them in fear.

    You don’t win fights by debating your opponent when he is using his fists to pummel you. Or by using a foam cushion when he is using a lead pipe to cave in your skull. Wash clothes with clever logos don’t work when you fight vicious demons.

    James O Keefe is setting up a golden opportunity for the pro lifers to follow up on the ground. The phony Catholic church does not want to do anything real. It’s time for some young blood to take charge of their organizations and lead the battle.

  4. What a ghoulish lunchtime topic. How can these creatures eat while discussing the dismemberment of children?

    And, why are all of the people in PP women?

  5. They make a profit coming and going. They charge the lame brain woman to give it to them and then they sell it for parts! Only a DemoRAT could think up such a diabolical scheme. No wonder old Hitlery adores them!!

  6. Isn’t it about time PP is given the Margaret Sanger Award for eugenics and population control? How in the world did they ever assemble such a coven of murderers, ghouls, twisted sisters and
    evil sub-humans all located in one place and with the full love, support and funding of the government?

  7. How do they recruit for PP? Wanted sick, demented and evil persons fully able and capable of doing the most heinous of activities. Must be willing and able to murder and dismember babies and shop their parts. Salary unlimited. You will have the love, appreciation, affection and support of a political party, highest levels of government officials, and the President of the United States of America. Join us and indulge in your most hideous and depraved yearnings and be recognized and rewarded for it!

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