8 year old joyrides on the Autobahn

“I only wanted to drive around a bit,” the boy told the police as he started to cry.

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  1. Aaawwww… sweet! That’s a rite of passage. I did that, along w/3 other Americans in West Germany (yes, dating myself) in the early 80’s… We each took turns driving 100 mph in our rented VW just so we could say we did.

    Kid is getting a jump on his bucket list.

  2. Yes it’s a wonderful highway. But back in 1962 my friend, Pete, who was a GI with me in Italy,visited his family in Germany at Christmas time. Pete told me that once you leave Austria and get on to the Autobahn, you are directed to drive at 30 Ks per hour, Do not stop. Do not take photos. You vill be checked, Violators go to the fucking Gulag.
    That was the way it was, before President Ronald Reagan said “Tear down this wall.”
    Yeah, Teachers in American High Schools don’t know anything about this shit.
    Now they are all into Slavery, Racism, and Reparations
    Fuck the entire American Goverment Education System

  3. So cute, shame the ‘lil fucker did not turn into a bumper sticker.
    Real shame is he remains with his parents.

  4. Little Morphin’ Annie

    And had you gone <60 ther'd been 3 guys drivin right up your ass!

    At that tome some folk in DDR were mad because their freeways had deteriorated so much in 35 years; that, if you went over 50 you'd brake an axle!

    I admit my age, check moniker.


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