8 Year-Old’s Gesture – IOTW Report

8 Year-Old’s Gesture

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  1. It only took one 8 year old child to give an excellent example of what it is to be an American.

    That video tore me up.

  2. I almost couldn’t watch the whole thing, something got in my eyes. What a great little kid, his dad would be SO PROUD!

  3. But I’d like to hear CBS reconcile that video with their propaganda campaign that shields a traitorous Commander.

    How about it, CBS ?!

    Does “CBS care” that thousands of soldier fathers will be sacrificed by a FRAUD posus ?

  4. A very touching report about this young lad who won’t have a joyful reunion with his Dad at school or the airport like others we sometimes see. A great way to honor his Dad and others who serve.

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