93 year-old gets her ‘dying wish’ — to be arrested

Ottawa SUN: LONDON — A British grandmother who has never strayed onto the wrong side of the law in all her 93 years has fulfilled one of her dearest wishes – to be arrested.

To her great delight, Josie Bird was handcuffed by officers and taken off to the local police station.

Her granddaughter, Pam Smith said in a tweet that Josie hadn’t been in the best health recently and that she “wanted to be arrested for something before it’s too late.”

She had been well-behaved all her life and “wanted to know what it was like to be naughty.”

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  1. Jay Leno , Once He got established and was making some decent Coin..

    fulfilled His Scottish Born Mothers wish, to revisit the Old Country,

    But She was a bit worried, She had gotten a Ticket as a Young Lass

    and never paid it. Jay tracked down the original Officer, and had Him

    confront His Mom…That is Comedy !!!!

  2. ‘Normal’ people may be hard-pressed to be in violation of the law. However, if you are a conservative and being judged by a liberal……you are already in violation.

  3. 93, blessings young lady.
    My grandmother reached 101 years, and she was lucid until the end. My grandmother’s sister just passed at 106. No thanks. I need to die when I’m about 70,that’s all the money I have.

  4. She wanted to be arrested and Jailed. In jail she will get three square meals a day, full medical and dental care, and she doesn’t have to give a shit about taxes and the rent.
    I may just do the same thing here in a few years. I’m trying to figure out what is the easiest crime to commit to get a life sentence. Ideas, anyone?
    I don’t want to harm anyone and I’m not rich enough to do what Paul Manifort, or Michael Cohen, or Mike Kelly “alledgely” did, so I would really appreciate some tips.

  5. Hey moe, carry a gun in ny. That’s a life sentence easily. No one gets hurt and the taxpayers foot the bill. Of course you’ve got that prison sex to worry about.

  6. I agree Billy. I think we should send her name and pic to INTERPOL. That old lady sends her retirement checks to ISIS.

  7. Hey Rick. Thanks. But prison sex at eighty? NFW. I’d then be charged with murder and get another life sentence. LOL

  8. How bout’ central booking in the Bronx at 141st and the Grand Concourse in the ‘bullpen’ for a night and then the 48th precinct for a night after that.

    Oh that was FUN. “Yo…CO” (commanding officer on watch) was the clarion call of the regulars at the time.

    The baloney sandwich was grade F. My bro actually brought me Mickey dees fries.

    1987, got caught up in a disorderly conduct…

    BTW, the guy I was arrested with became a ‘Lieu’ for the NYPD so go figure.

    Then there was the time…oh forget it.


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