99 Dallas officers have quit or retired in last 10 weeks

Police recruiters are trying to bring in hundreds of new police officers in Dallas.

Nearly 100 officers in the Dallas Police Department have quit or retired since October, according to multiple reports, worsening the department’s deficit of personnel.

Interim Police Chief David Pughes told City Council members Monday night that the department wanted to fill the next academy class with 60 officers but has only hired 30 for the February class, the Dallas Morning News reported. The department is down to 3,252 officers and wold like to have at least 3,500.

CBS 11 reported that most of the 99 who left since Oct. 1 were some of Dallas’ most experienced officers, according to the incoming president of the Dallas Police Association.

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7 Comments on 99 Dallas officers have quit or retired in last 10 weeks

  1. Thanks in large part to Obopo and Lynch. We could nickname them “the Cop Killer Duo”. Nice legacy for those two misbegots to own. I still say as a major cost savings initiative. Trump should pull the Secret Service coverage of all ex prezzys and their families. If they want protection, pay out of their own pockets to hire rent-a-guards.

  2. They’re quitting town, just in case Dallas wins a Superb Owl, and the fans burn down the town!!

    Or, it might have to do with that billion dollar deficit the Dallas city pension has.

  3. 100 more when their force is already down by 10% Reboot. The real news is Obama’s plan to nationalize all cracka-redneck-hick-racist-hillbilly po-po is working according to plan. Trump just won’t play along with George Soros like Hillary would have.

  4. City of Dallas HR dept will have to remember the directive from Loretta Lynch when recruiting new minority replacement police officers: Can’t do a criminal background check…that’s racis’!

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