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A Call for Unity

Clandestine’s Newsletter:
I’ve always considered myself a Libertarian, because I believe in individual liberty and minimal government.

But I am a huge supporter of Trump, because I recognize he poses a significant threat to the establishment that we want to dismantle.

Trump is not part of the duopoly. Libertarians need to understand that MAGA is an entirely different faction within the GOP. It’s essentially a different party, using the GOP as a vessel to the White House, and it works. It works far better than being a 3rd party and getting nowhere.

MAGA also need to understand that there are a wide range of beliefs/factions amongst Libertarians, and the extreme ones don’t represent the collective. The anti-border Libertarians/Anarchists are an unserious minority that serious people ignore. more

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  1. It’s not the Libertarians I fear it is the sadistic cabal that now exercises power in this country allowing us to be overrun by illegals who do not wish America well and who are advocating policies to replace Americans with no nothing drug crazed and sex criminal 3rd world savages who being incited to hate white people.

    They will be coming for us this summer stop a Trump landslide of freedom loving Americans of all races/creeds.

  2. “…there are a wide range of beliefs/factions amongst libertarians…”

    Yeah, but the one thing they all agree on, is legalizing all recreational drugs. It’s the primary goal of the movement. Fuk em.

  3. Libertarians can possibly be characterized as well meaning, but misguided. At least some of them. There isn’t a single solitary progressive/Marxist/Satanist follower who can legitimately claim to be uninformed. The masks have been completely off since 2020.

  4. Libertarian philosophy is great, in fact it is more valid than the current Republican platform. I am not talking about the Libertarian Party platform, just the general political-economic philosophy.
    However, you have to be sensible when voting and recognize that the choice is nearly always between two candidates. And if you aren’t voting for the better of those two candidates then you are helping the other one.

  5. I am a libertarian, a Rothbardian libertarian.

    Murray Rothbard knew that the principles of libertarianism do not prevent one from taking a pragmatic approach to politics. He was adamant about voting for non-libertarian political candidates if those people had the potential for making us more free. Those are more often Reps than Dems, and those two parties appear, ahem, rather more frequently than libertarians on ballots. Because the Uniparty controls ballot access.

    Another important component of Rothbardian libertarianism is that attempting to achieve any of the many libertarian goals at any time would be a serious mistake and would probably be very harmful. The sequence of easing the govt’s practice of violating citizens’ right must be considered. For example, before attempting to do anything to open the border to desirable immigrants but still keep it closed to the undesirables, we have to kill the welfare state root and branch.

    As noted, the Libertarian Party is full of crazies and more than a few Marxists, and their political savvy is nil. I was a member for a while but walked away more than 20 years ago (the immediate trigger was 9/11) and have been supporting Rep candidates ever since even though there are way too many collectivists in that wing of the Uniparty.

    Final word: I’m glad President Trump addressed the LP convention. There is common ground for MAGA and libertarians to work together, even though there are definitely areas of incompatibility.

  6. Capital l libertarians suffer the same defect socialists exhibit. In neither philosophy do I see provision made for dealing with the public enemy, the refusenik, the slacker, the unprincipled opportunist. All these types are and will always be among us.

    The result is both systems immediately require (and the socialists immediately develop) a dictator and cadre to enforce the rules on the people. Capital l libertarianism is adequately absurd enough on its face to prevent people taking it seriously as a governing principle. If only that were the case with socialism much misery could have been avoided over the years.

  7. Uncle Al – Thanks for saving me the trouble. Indeed, we walked away after 9-11 too and I had been both a State Senate candidate (’94) and party officeholder at the county level in two different states. You are the only one deserving of an upvote on this post. Sad that on Memorial Day there is so much criticism of the founding principles upon which this nation was founded (classical liberalism, aka libertarianism). Though harsh condemnation of the Party is more than deserved.

  8. I’m a proud registered Libertarian. I along with Ronald Reagan and most of the Founders recognize that libertarian philosophy is at the fore of our constitution. The idiotic naysayers above who somehow conflate libertarianism with Marxist (?) it’s diametric opposite, are suffering from a psychological condition known as abject stupidity leading them to be proud of where the Uniparty has brought this great nation.

  9. I started paying attention to Libertarians when I didn’t like my choices for Governor. All of them that were running for any state office, were for open borders, men in women’s bathrooms, killing babies, gay rights, God out of schools. So basically like I told all of them, you’re a democrat who hates taxes and likes guns.
    Now I see they nominated a queer who wants open borders, mutilating kids because they don’t know what sex they are, boys in girls’ sports and bathrooms, killing babies, open borders, mask and vax mandates. Proving to me once again democrats who hate taxes and like guns.
    Maybe every day Libertarians are different and the name means something different to them, but the people who run for office and the leaders obviously are batshit crazy.

  10. @MrLiberty — Thank you for your insightful words. And I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you for joining us iOTWreports denizens. From the beginning I have appreciated your thoughtful and consistent remarks. You and I are very much on the same page…as far as the serious stuff is concerned. I don’t want to rope anybody into being thought of as connected to my crazier and more violent side!

    I look back on my time in the LP fondly. I got to meet, and not only to do a handshake and move on, Ron Paul (several times), Harry Browne (had dinner with him shortly before he passed on), Lew Rockwell, Burt Blumert, Jeff Tucker, Tom Woods, Tom DiLorenzo, Butler Shaffer, and several other notables. I was a mite bitter when it became clear that the LP as a party no longer came close to being in agreement with both my own principles and those of libertarianism as I understand it. Oh, well. If it’s a political party, it gets ruined by narcissists it seems.

  11. Uncle AL- My list is identical plus all the previous presidential candidates as they all attended the Orange county, California meetings. Indeed, it was a great effort that got corrupted, along with pretty much everything. Now I regularly get over to the Mises Institute, so the other personalities are prevalent.


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