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Negotiations To Establish WHO Pandemic Treaty Fail

Envolve: It appears the World Health Organization (WHO) will not finalize its pandemic treaty after negotiations between countries failed to establish an agreement. 

Of course, the United Nations agency will undoubtedly attempt its authoritarian power grab again. 

“Roland Driece, co-chair of WHO’s negotiating board for the agreement, acknowledged that countries were unable to come up with a draft. WHO had hoped a final draft treaty could be agreed on at its yearly meeting of health ministers starting Monday in Geneva,” the Associated Press reports.

“We are not where we hoped we would be when we started this process,” Driece said, according to the outlet. more

10 Comments on Negotiations To Establish WHO Pandemic Treaty Fail

  1. Treaty? They don’t need no stinking treaty. The Globalists never stop. One way or another, they’ll cram this down our throats like a ventilator. I bet the treaty negotiations stalled—notice I didn’t say “failed”—because the smaller despots around the world were not convinced they’d still have their powers under a WHO treaty.

  2. Attack of the control freaks…no thanks I’ll run my own life if you don’t mind. You screwed up big time on the last PHONY pandemic.

  3. @Handsome,

    No, Trump won’t. While he can be vimdictive, he’s not a lawyer but a businessman, and the most he will ever do is “fire” them. And honestly, he did almost none of that his first term when it was clearly warranted.

  4. A “treaty” is just cover to keep the stupid on their side. “See, We’re trying to save the world!”

    If enough people were aware of what it means in the long run, these leaders would be dead already.

    It sure seems the anti-Christ is a lot closer to happening since he’ll rule the whole world. This is probably how it starts.

  5. Although it is gratifying to have “won the battle” don’t lose sight of the fact that we’re fighting a war against these evil Marxian globalists. So, give a quiet “OO-RAH” and keep your eyes open.

  6. I’ll agree to the WHO treaty when athletes from Burkina Faso win gold medals in downhill skiing and ice hockey.

    A bronze medal in goat herding will not do it, sorry.


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