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A Dose of Reality – GOP responds to Harry Reid


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  1. Finally, the GOP gets it right.

    Wish this was on TV instead of the internet. Channels such as MTV, Comedy Central, BET, TLC, ect. In other words, the channels LIVs watch.

  2. And then they close that with a request for donations to the NRSC. Not just no but HELL NO! Maybe to a select few individuals but damn sure not any republican national committee.

  3. This ad needs to be played and others over and over and over again. We’ve got to destroy this monster called Obamacare. My surgeon on a local rag here and who has written a book on Obamacare, stated that 3 Medical patients were referred to him from a doctor up north. He turned all three of them away because he wouldn’t get paid for their surgery nor would the hospital get paid. He was originally (3 years ago) for Obamacare, now he is totally against it, says it won’t work. Doctors are all getting a clue about this president and just who he really is.

  4. Not bad, but I still feel let down. Any response to dingy harry that doesn’t involve firearms, explosives, or wood chippers is unsatisfying.

  5. Until it directly affects those scum sucking liberal pukes that run the media, the truth will never get out!

  6. Reid’s mixed up, on who’s telling lies.
    He clearly needs a mental health evaluation.

    EVERYTHING the political class said about obuttheadcare, to ram it thru, IS A LIE.

    You can keep your healthcare, you can keep your doctor, etc., ALL LIES.

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