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A Losing Battle (With a Salad)

Sky News: Joe Biden is losing it. The 81-year-old president has been showing signs of cognitive decline for years, but this latest video of the president struggling to feed himself at the White House Correspondents dinner has everyone very concerned.

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  1. “Tim, I’m thinking a hemlock salad.”

    I have a good friend who thinks they will let him expire mid summer. Spurring the big poor Joe, such a kind man sentiment. And then move Newsom right in has his replacement. There’s a certain amount of logic to that thought process.

  2. I think every time they march Joe out in public for them to film him soiling himself the BoRock third term does something even more blatant to destroy traditional America. Change you can believe in. We need to all realize this clowns a distraction. And DJT, quit with the debate crap. You’re looking stoopid.

  3. C’mon, man! Look. The lettuce wouldn’t stab! At least I got the roll to tear apart, finally. But they didn’t give me no butter. What’s the deal?

    Look. Here’s the deal… Oh, Come on! Anyway…

  4. @Brad: I agree with your friend. Our only major mid-summer holiday is July 4, which would give the left time for planning the fireworks display and still have time to parachute Newsom into the convention. Kamala would fulfill the feminists’ wet dream of a female president and He of the Chiclet Smile could amble out on the convention floor and play the “gosh darn, I’m so honored” game. Our white savior arrives and the left doesn’t have to vote for Trump. It makes sense to me.

  5. Looking stoopid, that’s his bread & butter. A mumblefuk with his trusty sharpie and here’s a really big one, nope not that load he just dropped in his shorts. But a consistent constant rant & rave of total knee-deep bullshit.


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