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A New Lease On Life

You might think that when a young man with an enlarged heart and a terminal diagnosis is given a transplant, that individual might dedicate the rest of his life to some higher purpose.

In the case of Anthony Stokes, you’d be wrong.


What a waste.

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  1. Would the hospital have been behaving in a niggardly manner had they given that heart to another? Perhaps a law abiding citizen?

  2. They call it a lease on life because eventually you have to give it up.

    What a person does with that lease is as important as being granted it in the first place.

    Anthony Stokes squandered his time and by circumstance took an opportunity that most likely would have been better used by another needy individual.

    This is why there is ethics, not to serve the one that can put together the larger more vocal mob, but to determine intelligently how best to utilize a limited resource.

  3. Not one but two heart transplants. The reason ObamaSon was put on the Non-compliance list was because he didn’t take his anti-rejection medicine and his first heart transplant was being rejected.

    This whole episode reeks of racism. Shame on the medical profession for caving into Black Privilege and allowing two more deserving people to die waiting for a transplant. Two people who would not have tried to murder an old lady or run over a young lady while fleeing the police.

  4. Shoulda done a brain transplant, along with the heart – prolly woulda got better results.

    What’s that old saw about feral negroes and the asphalt jungle?

  5. So did this idiot’s parents (using the term loosely) donate HIS organs to anyone else after his timely demise?

  6. obamacare makes it certain that sex change operations get moved ahead of heart transplants anyway. This is just a preview of what the future portends.

    Sad, his heart was too large, but then he’s lucky enough and gets a new heart. Next, Anthony Stokes decides on LIVIN’ LARGE and dies.

    What a waste is right. That organ could’ve done some good and saved a life. On the other side, he’ll be old enough to vote next year.

  8. It sounds like the medical personnel knew what the ultimate outcome would be when they took this kid off of the list in the first place. My guess (and in the interests of political correctness the hospital will never divulge their reasons) is that Stokes’ educational history was marginal at best, family life was chaotic, his circle of friends were thugs, and he already had a criminal rap sheet. His projected adult life would have been welfare, alcoholism, drug addiction, prison and/or violent death.

    Black lives matter, except in this case. Without a heart transplant, Stokes would have died early due to his medical condition. With a heart transplant, Stokes would have died early due to his lifesyle. The hospital is to be commended for originally, and accurately predicting the eventual outcome, and condemned for buckling under political pressure and wasting a valuable donor organ.

  9. Thank God this savage animal is dead. There’s no telling how many innocent lives have been saved with this thug assuming room temperature. Ironically, some of the imbeciles who’ll yell for “justice” for this ObamaSon might actually be some of the folks saved from his future savagery.
    Just so sad that some deserving person could have been given a second chance instead of this mutant scrap of human debris.

  10. This sort of crap makes me tired. I wish the punk would’ve heard “The Sound of One Finger Pulling the Trigger”. With any luck, maybe the firefighters used the Jaws of Life on his giblet-assed neck.

  11. This is actually good news in a number of ways. No more taxpayer medical care for him, no more EBT cards, no more Obama phones, no Section 8 housing, and no breeding welfare babies. He’s now permanently transplanted.

  12. The younger brother needs to try harder to get more than an honorable mention in this year’s Darwin Awards.

  13. I’d like to know whether once being put on the list after the black outcry (who should have known better in that if anyone knew what the outcome would be it would be them) whether politics then leapfrogged him over others that had been waiting. Anyway, this kid was lost to the ghetto life long before his original heart started to give out. Well done Mom, in raising this little thug.

  14. When people give ungrateful bastards shit for free, they think it’s a license to take what they want. The world is better off without the leach. Good riddance.

  15. Well Ya’ll, my Mama has been sick every single day of her life, and she turned 73 this past Tuesday. She was born with some serious heart defects… ie. holes, deformed chamber, non-functioning valves…
    Apparently, for most of her life she was functioning on what must’ve been sort of like the Grinch with his tiny little 1/2 heart! And it affected her much the same way it did him. Whether it was a defense mechanism she developed (as insecure people so often do), or maybe just as a bitterness that developed due to being perpetually sick and in pain and likely often disappointed at being robbed of so much potential by the realities of a constant delicate state, she has been unabashedly grumpy, cynical, and often just plain rude… to EVERYBODY! Mama is an equal opportunity insulter. She played no favorites. People at church were just as likely to be called an idiot, a jackal, or good-for-nothing as my friends or Dean Smith! (I’ll never forget that day as long as I live!!! PRICELESS!) But you would have thought that after coming so so very close to death and then all of a sudden Easter Sunday April 15, 1990 to get that “page” to get to the ER asap, and be given a new heart that was potentially give her another 5 yrs to live if things went well, that she would have a new lease on life and be a little nicer to people! But alas NO. This coming “Tax Day, or Easter Sunday depending on how you want to look at it, will be 25yrs since she got her new heart, and though shes still as condescending as ever!!! to everyone except me that is… I’m the baby… Gotta Love me!

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