A peek into Jim Acosta’s diary



Saw Political Clown Parade‘s new header and had to share it.

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  1. Acosta is on a misson from his “god.”

    He has his truth and news, Trump’s version isn’t even close. Ban him for life and maybe the rest will be more civil.

  2. Last night wuz simply a nuther fine demonstration by the Bought & Paid for Knee-Pad, “News” Media trying to create a situation. Now they are busy lying about it wall-wall! Funny how it was a two-week CNN feeding-frenzy, complete with charges that were dropped, when Cory Lewandowsky touched a female reporter, but when Acosta does it, it somehow never happened! Needless to say, if they will lie and distort about a situation that Americans clearly saw for themselves, then how can Americans and why should Americans believe ANYTHING they tell you? CNN and NBC should be banned from the White House briefings until they issue an apology to the intern and the American people for being Scumbags, hiring Scumbags and pedaling Scumbaggery!

  3. Does Jim Acosta enjoy household objects shoved up his rectum? Just asking the important questions no one else will.

  4. Haha! As she tries to snatch the mic and Acosta slams her with his male karate chop, look closely, is she saying, fcukker. Her bottom lip looks like it’s starting the word.

  5. Acosta is such an embarrassment to his dying profession instead of standing up for the putz the rest of the WH press corp should take him out back and beat him with a sock of soap.

  6. A petulant child having his daily tantrum for the edification of his dimwitted viewers.
    Put simply, he’s a flaming asshole.

  7. Why does he let any of them in there? That’s not the free press that’s the bought and paid for Democrat propaganda shills!

  8. America could have gotten a box of fine cigars from Cuba.
    Instead, we got this primadonna douche-bagging oxygen thief.

  9. “Freedom of the Press” as seen by people who think the second amendment doesn’t cover rifles that are the wrong color.

  10. I’m just thinking straight to the keyboard here, but it seems to me that what with miniaturization and high energy density batteries it would be a simple matter to modify one of those cordless microphones and add a remotely activated stun gun. When Acosta or anybody else of his ilk won’t relinquish the mic, KZEEEERT! I’d love to see him fall twitching to the floor.

  11. I don’t know why they don’t just turn the mike off. They could easily have a second mike at the ready for idiots like Acosta

  12. @Uncle Al November 8, 2018 at 9:52 am

    > what with miniaturization and high energy density batteries it would be a simple matter

    It requires neurological function. Can’t taze a turnip, bro.

  13. Dear Diary –

    I had to change my panties twice today.

    The first was when President Donald Trump made fun of me.

    The second was when the Secret Service blocked me from the WH, so I couldn’t do my highly rated and wildly popular and followed TV show.

    Diary….they are being real mean to me.

    I want to cry.

    As always, Jimmy

  14. I was hoping someone would create a video meme in the she persisted theme showing the aide beating Acosta with the mike similar to the trunk monkey series….

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