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A Question For Our Canadian Friends

What do you think of Pierre Poilievre?

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8 Comments on A Question For Our Canadian Friends

  1. He is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Justine Turdette.

    Raised in a Mid Income Home
    Had a Job as a paper boy as a Kid
    Worked Summers
    His wife is also the complete opposite of Princess Sophie of Quebec
    Took commerce in University (NOT DRAMA)
    Pro Freedom
    Anti Gun Registry
    Believes in Careful & reasonable immigration
    Anti Crime/criminal

  2. A special cell awaits Pierre after his bank account is frozen and wired to the Trudeau campaign. Same for Trump. The Coups are completed and the Potemkin Republic has already begun numerous five year plans that will , at best, result in mass misery and fake conservative politicians.

  3. We will be forced to vote for him as he is the only one that can defeat the Turd.
    However, he’s only a quasi-conservative.
    Only Mad Max can, truly. save this country.


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