A Slap of ObamaCare Reality

YAHOO HEADLINE: The ‘Opt Out’ nation: Why uninsured Americans decided to pass on Obamacare
Part of a special series on Obamacare and the changing health care landscape By Mandi Woodruff

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  1. I blindly posted and linked to the article – reading it now
    One Libtard said: “I’m glad there’s something out there for people who can’t get insured, but there are people who are working and paying their bills and trying to follow the rules and it’s not even within our reach.”

  2. Another Libtard
    “Danley, who does her own taxes, is preparing to factor in the 1% penalty already.”

    “I think it’s great that they make it where everybody can get insurance, but to say that if you don’t get it I’m going to tax you, that’s not right,” she says.

  3. 7 hour article – 2384 comments and the majority NEGATIVE

    “This program should have been put on a nationwide ballot and not decided by a few greedy Politicians!”

  4. What about the 48 million people that were uninsured in the first place? That was a big selling point by the “feel good” leftists. Then, the bleeding hearts of the other leftists saw an opportunity for those in the U.S. to have insurance. Where will we be in a decade – 48 million still uninsured? The fact is probably 100 million will be uninsured because Obamacare kicked the rates up so high, many more who had insurance, will no longer be able to afford it.

    Just “shaking my head” at the Liberal mentality. Simple minds creating complex government regulations and overreach. It just doesn’t mix.

  5. Obamacare was designed to break the financial back of the United States and is working better than they could have hoped.

  6. I lost my job 2 years ago. Decided to just start retirement and opted to not take retiree medical plan, which historically was low cost insurance, but after Obamacare I figured the price would increase to where I would eventually have to drop it.

    So the family has relied on insurance from my wife’s employer. A small family business. Well Obamacare has driven up the prices to where her company canceled insurance at the end of Sept.

    A friend at my old company, a large global company, tells me the company keeps sending emails reminding employees how expensive providing health insurance has become and he believes they are moving toward canceling employer provided insurance. They already tried to drop his dependents saying they were not eligible, which he only managed to get covered again only after a lot of trouble and forcing a company representative to go line by line through written policy. Quite an irony since the company is largely a healthcare equipment company now.

    So Obamacare is providing insurance to people who can not afford it by paying for it with money from the overpriced premiums. And people who could at one time afford to buy their own insurance are finding it has become to expensive to purchase.

    I want nothing to do with Obamacare if I can avoid it. A subsidy paid for with someone else’s money I find immoral. I’m thinking I will have to cash in an IRA account to pay for insurance. Money I wanted to use for other things later.

    Unless you have an income in 6 figures the 2% penalty will be less than 2 months insurance premium from the prices I have been quoted. At least for premiums for someone over 60.

    What an awful law. Force passed by underhanded means at midnight on a holiday by a bunch of crooks. imo.

  7. I double dog dare anyone anywhere to find even one single thing that 0bama has done that has turned out good, and on top of that one single thing that conservatives warned about that hasn’t come to pass.

    Back in 2008 everyone knew that 0bama was going to win and that when he did it was going to be a massive cluster, and that socialized medicine was going to happen and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US on the right knew that socialized medicine would do exactly this.

    It would be a grand mess

    It would not work as advertised

    It would hurt the economy

    It would hurt the medical industry

    It would hurt people

    These leftist sheep are like a retarded kid locked in a room with a loaded 45, a box of matches and a box cutter. It’s a disaster waiting to happen and it’s gonna be really hard to stop it.

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