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Customs & Border Patrol Officer Shows Pornography to Children.

National File: The CBP Field Operations Officer accidentally showed a pornographic photo on a projector after he unlocked his phone in an outreach presentation at a junior high in Texas on Wednesday. more here

9 Comments on “Accidentally”

  1. I believe the correct term is: “Accidentally on Purpose”!

  2. When did Jeff Toobin start working for Customs and Border Patrol?

  3. I only got filmstrips and overhead projections when I was in junior high.


  4. Was it his private phone? If so, why was it used to give a professional presentation?
    Was it his work phone? If so, why was pornography on it?
    All government employees who have a phone should be monitored for their usage and location.
    I am paying for this shit and want to know that the phone is being used in the proper way and for work only.
    There are parental controls to monitor children’s phone usage and track their location. If these government employees insist on acting like this, they should be monitored.
    The same goes for government computers, tablets, cars, & etc.

  5. If he was doing the presentation from his CBP phone, why was that on his work phone in the first place??? I wouldn’t do a presentation from my personal phone. How did it get there?

  6. “Joey, have you ever seen a grown man naked?”

  7. When did Hunter Biden start working for the Border Patrol? Probably at the school to find young girls for Joe to sniff & fondle.

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