Activists Literally Bury Their Heads in the Sand to Protest Climate Change

Pluralist: Activists in Sydney buried their heads in the sand on Friday as part of a week-long climate protest.

Nearly 150 protesters flocked to one of Australia’s most iconic beaches to take part, reported.

The stunt was part of a week-long series of protests organized by Extinction Rebellion, one of the most prominent environmental groups in the world. read more

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  1. Somebody should tell them next time they shouldn’t come up for air because their breathing is destroying the planet.

  2. There are silly people are on every continent. In fact, there are too many silly people on every continent.

    Let’s hope they come up with a mouthful of sand crabs.

  3. “As we face into the Climate Emergency, it seems many around us have their heads in the sand, afraid to face the reality of what is coming,”

    I’ve been hearing that for over 50 years.

    Hasn’t happened yet, not even close to it, and I doubt it will during my remaining lifetime, during my children’s lifetime, or during my grandchildren’s lifetimes.

    Because what is coming is not some kind of ecological or climate catastrophe, but the final confrontations between good and evil, God and Satan, the apocalypse that will herald the next coming of the Christ to put an end to the reign of Satan.

    This is written and this is how it will be. Man will not prevent it, and no man knows exactly when it will happen other that we will still be very much on the scene when it does,

    Although I doubt the Pope would agree with that, or those seeking power to tell of everyone else how to live that use this “climate change” for their excuse to do so. (but now a “climate emergency” since they seem to have started calling it something different again)

  4. Anonymous:
    What you say is true and I know every generation says the time is near, I won’t say that, but I will say it is obvious that the time is getting closer. 30 years ago you would not have heard of Satan worshipers holding Satanic events at state capitols. Homosexuality being considered good in mainstream society, much less has seen gay marriage being allowed. Turning babies into transgenders would have accurately been declared child abuse. Even the most liberal Church would have lost all their members if they performed a gay marriage ceremony. Although, I’m sure they were out there then, you would not have heard any politician even think of saying Churches should be required to go against the Bible. Now the media and a lot of folks don’t even bat an eye at a candidate for President saying just that.

    I’m not going to say it doesn’t bother me, because it does, but in the end I know that day is coming that any Church who doesn’t obey government will be locked up or killed and even more than now it will seem as if evil is winning. I praise God for my faith in knowing in the end GOOD wins.

  5. Surely an object lesson in an extreme lack of self-awareness. Hiding from actual science while they project their idiocy toward us. Brilliant!

  6. Old Racist White Woman,

    I just finished reading “The Devil’s Diary” about the disappearance and recovery of the Rosenberg diary. There’s nothing new under the Sun. Every single policy item the Demonrats push has been lifted from the Soviet Union, Communist China, and/or National Socialist Germany:

    Gun Control/Confiscation
    Focus on Homosexuality (both positively and negatively – the SD was homosexually oriented)
    Mandatory Indoctrination of Youth
    Destruction of Society’s Mediating Institutions
    Atomization of Society
    Corruption of Morals
    A Penchant for Violence
    Corrupt Courts of “Justice”
    Corrupt and “Secret” Police (FBI, GESTAPO, NKVD, KGB, &c.)
    Extra-Judicial Trials and Punishments (Cheka, “Peoples’ Courts,” FISA, &c.)
    Corrupt and Sycophantic Press (Media in General)

    Nope. Nothing new under the Sun.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Tim,
    What was the last country left that loved God above all else?

    No, nothing is new, homosexuality was in the Bible, although we all know what God did about that. Everything that is happening has happened somewhere, but to deny it is worse than it ever has been on a large scale is lying to themselves.
    We have always been a Christian country, our Constitution is based on Christian principles and we are falling drastically fast.

  8. Anonymous:
    Take a look at Ann Barnhardt for the most well written version, but – FYI; Pope Francis – he is NOT the Pope. Benedict still is – never left the Chair and while I’m not certain which of the two has done more damage, they are both not helping.

  9. Anonymous

    I first read about the “climate diaster” in 62 when the Bush “Repub” C B Luce started pushing the Silent Spring humans are bad line. She was friends with the leftist R. Carson-writer of Silent.
    the liberal Luce and her mag TIME pushed hard on “the environment” and in 7 years got the rest of the lib/progressive “leaders” to create “EARTH DAY” . It is a testament (a sad one) to CB Luce’s power that the world still “celebrates” “earth Day”!

    But it was 57 years ago Time started pushing “the environment”.

  10. Unless they’re producing, during the “process”, a glass product cheaper than the Chinese, they can smother for all I care.

  11. My favorite part of the beach to walk my dogs.

    Never need to pick up any poop because they bury it.


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