Actress files restraining order against Avenatti

WaEx: An actress has filed a restraining order against attorney and potential 2020 candidate Michael Avenatti, following his arrest last week on suspicion of felony domestic violence.

Estonian actress Mareli Miniutti filed a restraining order against Avenatti, and the Los Angeles Superior Court’s online records show a hearing is slated for Dec. 10 on the matter, The Blast first reported Monday.

On Monday evening after The Blast published their initial report, Avenatti said that any allegations that he had committed domestic violence were “completely bogus and fabricated.”  READ MORE

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  1. My wife told me that last night she had a nightmare. Michael Avenatti was on the bed on top of her trying to rape her. Bill Clinton was also in the room by the door laughing. Then suddenly our cat jumped on the bed and startled Avenatti so much that they all fell to the floor! Luckily she was able to race to the door and get away! Then she ran into the fat man with the artificial hair. She shrieked, and I heard her shriek for real as she awoke. I said, “honey, are you okay?”. Yes, she said, just another fake news dream. We chuckled. “No more Chipotle” she added.

  2. He’s that guy who drives around in an expensive car and at the end of the day pulls up to his 500 sq ft shack at the edge of Van Nuys, CA. She’s the waitress from a deli in Tarzana.

  3. I guess this clears the Creepy Democrat Tax Dodging Perjury Suborning Asshole Porn Lawyer of Wife Beating. Even though he has not been convicted of this charge yet, I think it’s probably not too soon to refer to him as the Creepy Democrat Actress Beating Tax Dodging Perjury Suborning Asshole Porn Lawyer. This is only possible by the judicious application of the Kavanaugh Rule, which means he’s guilty until he’s sort of proven not so guilty.

  4. This should be fun. The state will question him, it’ll be on the news, reporters up in his face… The same reporters he spoke with to try to ruin Kavanaugh and mess with Trump. He’ll just keep repeating what he said to the cops. “She hit me FIRST!”

  5. Gee Wally, the trailer’s gonna look pretty funny with two front doors…

    Yeah Beave, but she gets to say “Shut the front door” … twice!


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