‘Adulting’ New Class At UC Berkeley Will Teach Millennials Basic Life Skills

Mark and the Millennials –

How do you file tax returns? How do you cook yourself dinner? UC Berkeley’s newest class, adulting, will answer all those questions.

The very hashtag friendly course aims to address blindspots in the education of America’s youth. Skills once considered to be common sense, are now the focal point of this new class.

SFGATE reports that the class was conceived by 20-year-old Belle Lau, a college junior. She was quoted by SFGate “We realized the things we don’t learn in school are topics like taxes and just how to take care of yourself.”

So far, the class has been a huge success. The debut semester of the class saw 100 applicants for a limited space of only 30 seats. This year, Berkeley will be expanding the class to two sessions. read more

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  1. I was in combat in Vietnam by the time I reached 20.

    If these young people today need college courses just to take care of themselves as an adult, I fear for the future of our nation if we ever get into a serious major conflict with another nation or nations.

    I suspect there is something seriously wrong with our public educational system if they are turning out kids like this today.

  2. My mother had me enrolled in a similar class during my formidable years. She called it parenting. She’ll still do follow up courses if needed I’ll bet.

  3. I guess it’s movement in the right direction. We were taught life skills at home by our parents, which in turn we instilled in our own kids.

    So called parents of today have checked out. They turn their kids over to schools to teach and discipline them and social media to entertain them. Why bother having them in the first place, tax deductions?

  4. …I don’t know how people who know nothing about being adults can teach anyone how to be adults…

    …perhaps they can tell their life story, then end with, “now go do the OPPOSITE of what I did”…

    …there’s an old maxim about “those that can, do: those that can’t, teach”, but since all those that CAN’T do anything useful are now tied up with running to be the Democrat Presidential candidate, I guess that means Berkley is down to those that can’t do, teach, or even understand what’s between their legs for student mentors…

  5. “those that can, do: those that can’t, teach”

    Add: Those that can’t teach teach Gym, those that can’t teach gym become politicians.

  6. Looking forward to when they announce the name of wannabe celebrity socialist that will teach the course

  7. So do they not have home ec, shop and other classes in middle school like they did in the 80s and prior? And we are supposed to applaud taking exorbitant loans out that will be paid over the next several decades to learn how to cook a meal or hire a tax accountant. Brilliant.

  8. Junior high school in my day. Parents actually knew how to “parent” and did it.

    This is a tribute to the incompetence of the two previous generations.

    It is also evidence of the damage done by the “feminist movement” which undertook (with great success) to remove mothers from the home.

    Our society and its educational norms and values were built upon millennia of history and experience. We abandon it at our risk.

    And remember, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Just sayin’.

  9. They DON’T have Home Ec, Shop, or other classes. Their time is wasted on social justice crap, transgender and gay indoctrination, and teaching kids America is terrible because of white patriarchy or some such tripe. And don’t forget teaching islime even though it’s illegal to teach religion in schools.

  10. What always happened to a country that was so rich
    that it could afford to feed millions of useless
    mouths and keep healthy, lazy and helpless idiots
    living in luxury?
    The neighboring cannibals invaded and ate them.
    Sound familiar?

  11. Sadly, as a teacher, I can attest that many teachers can’t do, and do teach (not all, and I hope I am not one that cannot).
    I have often espoused the “those that can’t do, teach, and those that can’t teach, manage”
    This article does show how many parents fail at raising their children. I find it sad that college professors find it necessary to teach kids how to be adults.

  12. First day of class…

    “You are nothing but unorganized grabasstic pieces of amphibian shit!… You are worthless!!!”

  13. Just got done with a week long class on precision measuring conducted by a vocational college nearby. The instructor said it’s not uncommon for new students to be unaware of the difference in a flat blade and Phillips screwdriver. We are doomed.

  14. “I suspect there is something seriously wrong with our public educational system …”

    Sledge hammer on the forehead ain’t enough for ya?
    Literally millions of misled imbeciles who believe in “Anthropogenic Globaloney Warming” didn’t tip you off?
    Idiots wearing masks attacking humans didn’t make your antenna tingle?
    A renowned socialist running in the Demonrat Primary (for the SECOND time) for President of the Republic of the United States of America didn’t kind of make you think there might be something wrong?

    Well, I’m with you.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. On the positive side, I do fine it encouraging that some students realize that something has been missing from their education and are willing to learn.

  16. This is obviously a racist attempt to get the students to comply with a White Supremacist culture. It must be stopped.

  17. Home Depot holds classes on homeowner basics… reading tape measures, driving nails, patching holes in drywall, painting, lawn care. You know, all the stuff most of us learned before we ever left home.

  18. Of all places to try this they picked the best! How many stories have there been, on these very pages, about the crazy professors at Berkeley?

  19. “Life 101”. Take those phones out that I told you to silence and put away when class started. There, in your hand, is the collective knowledge of all mankind. The rest is common sense. There, I fixed it.

  20. A higher priority ought to be teaching them to love individual freedom & responsibility, their own country, its history, and it’s uniqueness of governing principles in human history.

    Like the emu in those silly tv insurance commercials, they’ll figure the rest of it out for themselves. How to fry eggs, make a sandwich, clean their room, wash their clothes, etc.

    Some friends just dropped off their son at college, 500 miles away. They seem sure he doesn’t yet know how to do any of those things, will have to grow up fast, but will quickly figure it out himself. — They seem a lot less certain he will survive indoctrination into nutty leftist ideas. And may become an educated idiot by graduation.

  21. These dumbass made a deal with the Devil (their leftist moron teachers,) and they’re paying the price – literally. Imagine how much that class costs at Berkeley? – About four thousand dollars! These idiots could get a part time job, earn money, and learn the same crap they’re learning in a class costing them thousands.

    What a racket the left has made of our schools.

  22. Late to the party, but as a much older person, I can remember having a savings account in grade school (grades 3 and 4) which was sponsored by a local bank. We would bring our dimes weekly and at the end of the year, we had quite a nest egg and had made a bit of interest.

    Because of this early learning (and parents who talked about money with me), I am loathe to put things on credit (excepting car and home) unless I actually have access to the cash in the bank.

    Lived happily that way my whole life with no financial worries.

    The beauty of compound interest – a lesson taught early and well.

  23. Who’s going to wipe their little snowflake asses, once mom kicks ’em out of the basement? Looks like summer school….

  24. @ Graceia,
    Two most destructive forces in the World, water and compound interest…..
    @ Badabing,
    THAT class is called “recruitment”.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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