After Gillette, next male-market sports company caves to transgender madness

American Thinker:

First was the Gillette’s razor commercial with its not so subtle message about so-called toxic masculinity.  As USA Today put it:

In a two-minute advertisement, the famous Procter & Gamble brand tells men to “say the right thing” and “act the right way.”  The ad plays on the company’s slogan, “The best a man can get,” replacing it with, “The best a man can be.”  It portrays a montage of male bullying, harassment and sexist behavior and men stepping in to intervene to stop the behavior.

That was relatively mild.  Then Gillette followed up with an ad in which Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, a trans rights activist, is shown how to shave by her father.  The commercial spends more time with the young Brown talking about how happy she is in transitioning than anything about shaving itself.  The only mention of Gillette or its razors in the 64-second commercial is the last five seconds, when the name Gillette silently appears on the screen.  I’d ask if this commercial is advertising or propaganda, except that the answer is obvious.

Lesbian TV hostess Ellen DeGeneres called this Gillette ad “nothing short of incredible.”  Indeed, it was, Ellen.  Both Gillette ads drew a firestorm of criticism, but Procter & Gamble is undaunted. read more

19 Comments on After Gillette, next male-market sports company caves to transgender madness

  1. All this queer and tranny stuff offends people just like racism.

    So why are the queers and trannys allowed to be heard?

  2. I don’t watch live TV anymore except my OAN subscription and recently ditched Direct TV for ROKU but I’ve also noticed a lot of mixed race couples in TV ads when out say like at a sports bar. Everything is initiated in increments. The old Frog in a pot story and you’d better accept it or be named as a Nazi. /s

  3. It’s clear these corporation’s upper management are now infested with pajama boys. It’s like a rapidly spreading virus that shows no signs of burning out.
    They all seem intent on focusing on the oddballs in society hoping to appeal to what I’d have thought would be a marginal few. I must be isolated where I live because I’m not seeing these types all around.

  4. Come on you big meanies. How could you hate that lovable fag Lizzy Warren was talking to on video? Couldn’t you just see him and your son married?

  5. @WDS – try USTVGO.TV. Its free and it carries AON plus HBO, Showtime and many others. Why pay subscription when its free?

  6. Haven’t bought Gillette since, and discovered Schick is better – and cheaper!
    Same with Barbasol.

    Everlast won’t last.

  7. Nothing wrong with trying to capitalize on the “transgender” insanity sweeping the Universe. If “a fool and his money are soon parted” is based on some semblance of fact, then we can guess who they consider the “fool” – and are perfectly justified taking the money.
    Yeah, keep telling them whatever they want to hear – as long as the money keeps flowing – same scam the Demonrats use with Unions and negroes – “Just turn your lives and Liberties over to US, and let US steal from the “bad people,” and we’ll take care of you from the cradle to the grave – trust US! We won’t cum in your mouth!.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. When the cops come to arrest the husband for battering his wife he could tell them that he was just practicing with his Everlast boxing equipment as per their TV ad-‘man boxes woman’!

  9. They might find masculinity less toxic if they imbibed less supplemental protein. Just sayin.

    We must all learn to say ‘Keep it in your pants, Nancy’.


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