Airbag Nightmare Developing


Sparta Report: Anyone who drives a car is probably aware of the Takata airbag scandal. Prior to 2013, Japan’s Takata Corporation was a major manufacturer of motor vehicle parts and accessories, and produced about 20% of all airbags worldwide.

In 2013, several auto manufacturers began to initiate recalls of vehicles with Takata airbags in them. Honda claimed to know of 100 injuries and eight deaths which had resulted from the defective exploding airbags. Some media reports stated the airbags were suspected to have been defective for a decade.

While the Takata airbag recall started with only a few million vehicles, it expanded and kept on expanding, and resulted in criminal charges against the company, eventually forcing it into a well-deserved bankruptcy. Currently, recalled vehicles in the United States total 37 million according to the NHTSA, with a total of 65-70 million affected airbags. The most recent round of recalls occurred in Australia with an additional 2.3 million vehicles recalled in February.

Given how high profile the Takata airbag recalls were and are, I am sure Hyundai and Kia owners can’t help but feel a little nervous when seeing the NHTSA is now investigating those companies for defective airbags: MORE

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  1. Here’s what you need to know about Asians and product development, and I’m sure I’ll take some shit for this but I can prove it. Do you know why China’s newest stealth fighter looks just like our F35? Because they stole the design. The reason the stole the design is because these MoFo’s, including Japan, are totally void of the ability to design new products. They can copy and perfect. But they’ve never had one original thought since gun powder. Apparently this time around they didn’t perfect so well. No R&D. No test. The fastest to market at the cheapest price wins.

  2. Not only did China steal it, but with TRAITOROUS BASTARDS like Bill Clinton and Loral Space Systems, a couple hundred thousand gets you all you want.

  3. OT
    Two more homes bombed in Austin tonight. So far only reporting injuries. Call in the Oath Keepers and tell the local PD to stand down.

  4. My wife was smashed between two vehicles in her 2015 Honda CR-V and the airbag blew up in her face. Good thing I had checked with Honda before it happened to make sure her vehicle wasn’t one of the ones with a bad airbag. They said it was A OK. Less than a year later, we got a letter from Honda saying her car had one of the bad airbags and for us to bring the car in so it could be changed. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt or killed by the airbag. I hate these people.

  5. Are the Japanese trying to compensate for the loss of the war??

    Notice how PC I was….back in the day I would have said JAPS, just like the NY Times used to say, but I guess we have to pretend that never happened.

  6. Jellybean, don’t get me started on the Japs, who murdered families across Asia with impunity and no remorse, who sank our ships and killed our young men during a church morning. Vicious savages, and yet our bleeding hearts continue to stoke the fires of guilt for nuking their asses into a surrender.

    Fook ’em.

  7. @ Bad Brad

    And that just might be one of the reasons for the Ex-Im subsidies. The playing field just is not level.

  8. Plain Jane
    I make my living off a Government Bid Board for Military replacement parts. An over simplification but accurate. Starting this week any parts that require “Anti Friction Devices” , Ball Bearings, the ball bearing need to be domestically manufactured. Big note, no Canadian bearings.

  9. I am with you BB. Even at the small scale of housewares and clothing, over the years, I have been p*$$ed about imported crap. The only things that I liked imported was my Shalimar, a few Italian woolens and silks from China. Other things, no.

    This blew my mind, but even feminine sanitary items aren’t made here with American components anymore.

  10. PJ, If Pinko’s radio show is even remotely close to this topic I plan on calling in to discuss a mind blowing Globalist reasoning for the Global model. It’s to much to type. PS, I use to have your e mail address and lost it. If you still have mine ping me. Thanks

  11. An air bag saved my life once. It was in a GMC truck. Thank God I never front-ended my Mazda while I had it… it had two recalls for airbags.


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