Airlines struggling to find pilots consider lowering requirements for new hires – IOTW Report

Airlines struggling to find pilots consider lowering requirements for new hires


Airlines struggling to find pilots to fill cockpits in planes across the country are considering lowering the bar for qualified fliers, including halving the number of hours required to become a pilot.

The drop in requirements looks different across airlines. Delta airlines removed the 4-year college degree requirement in January, saying qualified fliers don’t need a bachelor’s degree if they have relevant flight experience.

Representatives from companies like Delta, American, and United have submitted requests to the Federal Aviation Administration to hire pilots with 750 flight hours instead of the customary 1,500. more

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  1. If I identify as a pilot, am I qualified? If I identify as a black female pilot, am I even more qualified?

  2. I can spell “airplane” correctly three out of four times. I may actually be over qualified.

  3. It takes 10,000 hours to be a master at anything. Already the requirement is low at 15% of mastery. Now they want the requirement to be 7.5% of mastery? What’s the point, just get rid of all requirements, it’s only your life you trust them with. If you’re lucky it’ll be quick like the China pilots who nose dived into a mountain.

  4. If they hadn’t disabled their pilots by forcing poison into their veins, they would have had pilots. You take your own life in your hands when you step on a plane now because pilots are flying with chest pains because they need their jobs.

  5. Hmm. They need more pilots to cover the current demand so they will lower qualifications. But when they lower qualifications, they will reduce demand, especially when combined with the mask restrictions which, while currently not in effect in the US, they are waiting in the wings to come back at a moment’s notice.

    Of course, those pilots hired with lowered qualifications will be Affirmative Action hires so when demand for air travel goes down — exasperated by the cost of fuel and the crashing of the economy — those hires will have protected status while melanin deficient pilots with penises (unless they identify as women) will be the ones let go.

  6. So how’s firing all the pilots who refused the jab workin’ out for ya? Jesus Christ, I’m never getting on a plane ever again.

  7. Naval Aviator……20 years……
    Contract Charter Pilot……18 years……
    Only missed Australia and Antarctica…..
    October 2019 decided to retire in a year…..
    Stuck by it… vaxx…..Loving retirement.

  8. ALPA needs to fire everyone on staff more dedicated to the communist party than they are dedicated to the dues paying members they get their pay checks from. I don’t recall any union opposition when Airline management mandated suicide jabs.

  9. I’ve seen in a cartoon, I’m pretty sure I can do it.
    I do have a couple hundred hours in single engine VFR and I have flown IFR.
    IFR = I Follow Roads.
    Also my # of take offs = my # of landings.

  10. “Legislators are also looking into the problem. One measure proposed by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham would raise the required retirement age for pilots from 65 to 67”.

    Funny that, Lindsey thinks it’s a good idea to raise retirement age for pilot, yet no mention abt members of Congress.

    Next up, consideration for airplane mechanics….must meet the standard aptitude for Fischer Price tool kit assembly.

  11. One should be familiar with all mechanical systems, just in case you have to pull over and work on it.

  12. Had a friend (RIP Tom) who was an mechanic with a major airline his entire life. He NEVER flew and advised me against it more than once.

  13. I’ll do it on the condition that there’s no more than twenty passengers per flight and I get to toss ’em overboard at my discretion.

  14. “Delta airlines removed the 4-year college degree requirement in January, saying qualified fliers don’t need a bachelor’s degree if they have relevant flight experience.”

    That makes sense. Army-trained (Warrant Officers) do not have bachelor degrees. My brother flew choppers in Viet Nam, and has been a corporate pilot ever since, helicopters, jets, etc. A bachelors degree is no indicator of proficiency.

  15. Tony R
    MAY 22, 2022 AT 1:22 PM

    “A bachelors degree is no indicator of proficiency.”

    …that is absolutely correct, but you’d think they’d want it as an indicator of Communist indoctrination…

  16. @tony and sns

    The way I’ve heard it…..
    it’s all about setting goals……
    and achieving those goals……

    Employers like past indicators about…..
    your future contribution to their company.

  17. Hey, I successfully landed a 737 most of the times I tried to in MS Flight Simulator 98, so if I identify as a vaxxed Black gay female immigrant, am I in?

    …I say “tried” because sometimes I just hit stuff on purpose for fun.

    …ahhh, the innocent joys of a pre-911 world…

    …so maybe I can identify as an ISLAMIC vaxxed Black gay female?

    …hell, don’t even need the TRAINING then! Just give me the keys and a planeload of infedels and awaaaaay we GO!

    (planes HAVE keys, right? We islamic vaxxed Black gay females don’t care that they DON’T, its still rayciss if you don’t give ’em to us on demand because ain’t NO ONE allowed to call us ignorant, neither!)

  18. Ed357
    MAY 22, 2022 AT 11:44 AM
    “Naval Aviator……20 years……”

    Thank you and bless you for your service.

  19. I know! We need more diversity in the cockpit. Just train the alphabet soup types to turn a few knobs, press a few switches, and away we go! After all, most modern aircraft can fly themselves, right?

  20. hard to control a plane if you have to shake your a** & work a grobama-phone continuously. plus English is the international language standard, not ebonics.


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