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Alec Baldwin Calls For Gun Control In Viral Instagram Post


Daily Caller:
Alec Baldwin has decided it’s a good idea for him to weigh in on the Second Amendment in America.

Baldwin has been accused of allegedly shooting and killing Halyna Hutchins in a tragic event while filming the movie “Rust.” The weapon the actor was holding was loaded with live ammo and the subsequent shot killed the young woman.

Despite the fact you’d think he would never want to publicly discuss weapons given the situation he’s in, it turns out he doesn’t mind calling for gun control for other people!

In a Friday morning Instagram post, Baldwin wrote, “The very childhoods of our kids interrupted by this insanity. We regulate many things in this country in the interest of public health and safety. Drugs, cars, professional licenses, etc. We need gun control reform. Now.” more

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  1. Seems we Hollywood and Baldwin control far more than gun control. As for me, I maintain control by using a two handed grip, maintaining muzzle discipline, keeping my finger off the trigger until I’m willing to kill or destroy a target and making sure of what’s beyond my target.

  2. Fantasy: Baldwin is at the Academy Awards ceremony because he’s been nominated for an Oscar. When he doesn’t win, he rushes down to the stage and slaps the presenter Mike Tyson.

    Hilarity Cosmic justice ensues!

  3. I fully support the idea of irresponsible, reckless assholes like Alec Baldwin never being able to handle a firearm again. As for me, I did nothing wrong; so fuck you Alec.

  4. Here is my Plan, which if implemented would actually achieve the stated (not desired) outcomes Progressives use as PRETEXT for these schemes:

    1) Five years added to any conviction for stealing a firearm, per firearm.
    2) Five years for posession of any stolen firearm
    3) All Law Enforcement agencies that does not add all past stolen firearms reported to them with in six months of implementation date to a federal data base loses ALL federal money until the job is complete and for five years from the date they finally complete this obligation.
    4) All Law Enforcement agencies that does not add all newly reported firearms within 24 hours loses ALL federal money for five years and is fined $10,000 per failure if already under suspension.
    5) The database will be online and available to the public and searchable
    6) Possession of stolen firearms gets you five years in federal penitentiary with no parole and no early release. There is no excuse for not looking up any firearm you acquire or have in your possession that is the least bit suspect
    7) Possession of a firearm listed as stolen or has had the serial number obliterated while in commission of a crime gets you twenty years in the federal penitentiary ADDED to any other sentence. No parole and no early release.
    8) Judge has absolutely no discretion on sentencing and these cannot be pleaded down or dismissed by any prosecutor
    9) Any prosecutor who fails to prosecute gete five years in the federal penitentiary per violation

  5. How about a list of Movies where Alec uses a GUN vs NO GUN and what the Box office takes were?

    I’m curious where he made more money.

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