Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Award” Winner!

OK, not really.

26 Comments on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Award” Winner!

  1. She got some dildos? As awards? For being a retarded dildo?

    That’s awesome, dildo, award winning, dildo…

    Congressional butt-plugs?

    Ignorant cunt.

  2. In about 1968, my Basset Hound won 2nd place in the “cutest fannie wiggle” category and she wasn’t even a Congresswoman…..

  3. Most dejected in the Dumbest Female Lawmaker losers circle are Maxine W. and Mazie H. They were sure the polls were accurate indicating they had a large lead to win the prized award. Expecting a photo finish between the two of them. I’m sure they will double down with their efforts soon.

  4. Do you suppose anyone will tell her she didn’t win, and she should delete the video, or will everyone just let it go, and keep laughing behind her back?

  5. Don’t let this fool you though. She’s got the Marxist shit down cold and that’s where the Libtard party is going with this election.

  6. I made it as far as “lemon in my water.”

    Stand back, I may need to hurl. That mouth looks like an irritated rectum.

  7. If you go back in time to the days of the Berlin Wall, it didn’t matter which eastern bloc country or what you were trying to accomplish the person across the desk was hopeless and, and, and… you guessed it, the wall behind them was absolutely covered in awards. Basically the awards had to amount to participation prizes. Every Goddamned person in every position had awards coming out their ears.

  8. JD ~ you just described every minor bureauoweenie from every level of our present government, from local, to county, to state, to federal.

    they’re all like that … “Participation Award for attendance in the latest indoctrination class of Blue Pill Groupthink”

  9. A perfect example of a career politician:
    Slink into office due to a surprise opening in a overly left leaning district (NYC).
    Get lots of backing from corrupt organizations (justice democraps)
    Lie about everything (winning an award you actually didn’t).
    Continuously pander to your stupid electorate (i.e. lie some more).


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