Alexandria Occasional-Cortex forgets to introduce candidate… at his own rally

No doubt, she’s air-headed, but she feels that it’s all about HER anyway and why should she bother hanging out in the city which she hopes to represent instead of running around the country?  She’s a more feminine Barack 0bama.


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  1. I have to question the statement that she is a more feminine Barack Obama. I bet she can kick his no good, pole smoking, ass!

  2. That’s sad. Even Barky, in all his egomaniacal glory never did that. Although, to be fair, he never did much campaigning for anybody else.

  3. I also disagree that she is ‘more feminine than Barack Obama’.

    That poor girl would have to take Estrogen steroids for a month to even get close.

  4. Sad thing is, she was the smartest person in the room that day. Did you catch the cheering for her? How dumb are those people?

  5. “I’d like to introduce my brother in that struggle…”

    First of all, he’s not your brother, more importantly there is no struggle. So that’s 2 lies in one sentence.

  6. Engelburka Engelburka, she’s speaking commie language. They consider themselves family to relate to each other tto deepen their bond as comrades.
    The “struggle” is to destroy everything associated with capitalism and replace it with socialism. It’s a hidden agenda for those who don’t know her true intentions.

  7. 99th Squad Leader
    Oh I get it. That’s just my daily dose of snark. Sometimes an eye roll just won’t do.

    Poor OC is too stupid to figure out she’s a laughing stock, however more telling, the “seasoned dems/socialists” can’t see she’s more of hindrance. THAT’S the big tell.

  8. I have had a terrible day and just logging on and reading the title of this post made me laugh. Thank you.

  9. The ego on this chick is so massive that she needs entire doorways removed before she can come and go due to it’s inflated size.

    Can’t wait it’ll someone defeats her and she pops like the over grown zit that she is.


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