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Alvin Bragg Loses CNN

Alvin Bragg Loses CNN: Former Federal Prosecutor Blasts Trump Show Trial over Cohen’s Lies that “Cut at the Heart of the Evidence” (VIDEO).

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  1. These clowns get in trouble first because they are being paid to lie for the administration and its agenda, and secondly because they pretend as if ANY of these allegations should EVER have been viewed as anything BUT political hack job tyranny against a political opponent and half of America.

  2. Brad, they are saying that the only reason biden* agreed to the debates was to get it done early, in June, to lock in the cadaver.

    It’s tough to speculate what the rat bastards will do.
    The motherfuckers will do ANYTHING to win so you never know until they try new nefarious shit…

  3. ^^^^^
    Agreed. He’s sold his miserable soul. He would vapor lock on National TV to paint Trump as the villain. Personally I don’t think the debate will ever happen and I hope not. Trumps pissed. Rightfully so. But there’s not one damn thing to gain from debating a dead man.

  4. Loco,
    Two things,They will find him guilty. The fix is in and these piss ants have no conception of mid America.
    Eventually they will try and kill him and his family. Why? Because eventually it’s no longer about preserving power,but survival. Eventually every one of these mother fuckers need to be tracked down and dealt with.
    I pray he survives whats coming.

  5. Have faith, people. The system will work. Trump will be found guilty 34 times and Merchan will sentence him to 34 consecutive 5 year terms and incarcerate him pending appeal.

    Ya just gotta believe…and have lawyers on the jury to explain things to any who might be unconvinced that their safety and that of their families must be considered in their verdict especially in NYC where overwhelming numbers hate Trump and would not view kindly anyone who freed such a dastardly criminal from the justice he richly deserves.


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