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Always Ignore Sean Hannity’s Texts 🙄

Leaked Messages Show Hannity Tried to Get Trump to Pardon Hunter Biden. Salty Cracker has the details.

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  1. How did he have time to text anyone when he’s so busy earning his double triple black belt in Karate, dishwashing, and working in construction???

    Oh! And giving marriage advice to single liberal women.
    [Shudda taken his own advice, huh?]

  2. It must have been suggested as a stunt to “embarrass” the biden* crime family.
    Like democrats get embarrassed over anything!
    Fraud, hypocrisy, graft, rape, pillage, murder, etc.

    Hannity can be some kind of dense fool can he not?

  3. I could do one of Sean’s shows blindfolded.
    Seriously, If you’ve seen ONE you have seen them ALL.

    Fox needs someone that can take the baton after Tucker just spent an hour slaying the swamp rats and run with it.
    Hannity aint’ it!

  4. MJA
    Yo skipped over he’s a pistol marksmen and an MMA champ.
    I read the other day he and Fxcker Carlson testified under oath they never believed the 2020 election was stolen.
    I expect as much from Hanity. But Tucker? Maybe so. I see two things happening. His testicles will finally drop so his voice doesn’t go supersonic every time he giggles. And Tulsi Gabbard see’s thru him and tells him to fuck off.
    There you have it. The first of the 2023 predictions.

  5. @Brad

    The way Cucker attacked Sydney Powell over her mentioning election fraud is still worth a double tap to the back of his head. He has never once appologized for Fox calling AZ early in 2020. He is part of the controlled opposition crowd.

  6. Especially as we see the Lake election drama play out.

    C’mon man there’s more evidence to prove fraud than that the CIA killed Kennedy (and there’s a lot of that if you actually look).

  7. Always Ignore Sean Hannity’s Texts

    Hannity is a stupid blowhard.
    He’s always been a stupid blowhard.
    He’ll always be a stupid blowhard.

    If you hadn’t figured that out by the (I’ll be generous) fourth time you listened to him, maybe your character judgment could use a little work.

  8. You guys fail to realize that Fox was getting their asses sued off for some of the ignorant shit Sidney Powell and co were saying.
    “Release the Kraken!” for fucks sake!

    The Fox lawyers told them what was required for their EMPLOYER not to have some bullshit astronomical “Alex Jones” judgement against them.
    They obliged.

    Tucker says on his show DAILY that the 2020 election was horseshit, fraudulent and total unfair bullshit that people have a right to know about.

    Dominion did NOT steal the election for biden*.
    They didn’t.
    Yes, their platform can be compromised but proof was not given.

    Actually, so many moving parts conspired, albeit many independently to defraud Trump from his rightful second term.

    Aim your fire at the rightful targets.
    Sigh*, I suppose I expect too much from Brad.

    BTW, Hannity is a douchebag and I’m NOT defending him.
    Go ahead and crap on Tucker you fucking morons!

  9. Hannity and Tucker and even Gutfeld ARE TV whores so don’t kid yourselves. They will be reigned in whether they think they are or not.

    The minute they can’t be used by Fox they are gone.

  10. I am SO glad we cast those aside that don’t agree with us 1000%!
    Fuck those assholes like Tucker who has “Libs of TicTok” on that rail against pedos and groomers.
    Fuck him for pointing out the outrageous spending from OUR side, the border crisis, inflation, BLM, FBI, Twitter files, etc.
    Dude aint’ with us unconditionally so he must be a biden* tool.

    Yep, if he doesn’t agree with us always & forever then he is a tool of the establishment!
    Good GOD!

    You do realize TRUMP gave money to the Clintons, went to weddings with them, was a democrat all his life and STILL, TO THIS DAY GIVES INTERVIEWS TO ASSHOLES THAT PUBLICLY CALL FOR HIS PROSECUTION?!!!
    Some idiot will say I’m blasting Trump.
    DON’T be that idiot.
    Just pointing out that shit is GRAY you dumb motherfuckers.
    Take you head from out your asses.

    Damn, no wonder we lose…

  11. Of course you don’t get my point, perhaps you need some booze to understand?

    We had ONE Rush Limbaugh, he is GONE, God rest his soul.
    He won’t be back.
    So you decide to dismiss those that are actually doing the heavy lifting NOW.
    I bet Tucker spends half a million a year on personal security.
    For what? To have assholes like you doubt his integrity?

    As for Rush, he RAILED against exercise and working out.
    I knew he was wrong but I still loved the man.
    So even RUSH wasn’t always right.
    My guess is you disagreed with him on fitness as well.
    Oh well, Tucker is #1 on cable news and certainly doesn’t need damn fools to succeed.
    Wake the fuck up!

  12. @Loco, Sidney Powell could not explain the techincal or statsitical data to Cucker and he lost his shit over it even though she told him multiple times she could have her experts explain it to him and his audience. He was a total C*cksucker about it. Because of course the Dominion machines were at the heart of it and they didn’t want sunlight on it at the TIME THAT IT ACTUALLY MATTERED AND THEY COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Coming back much later and saying jeez I guess there was election fraud is just their way of trying to regain face and recouping their hemorrhaging viewer numbers.

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