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Chef Jean-Pierre Makes Eggnog

Hello There Friends, Today I’m going to show you how to make the Easiest and Tastiest Eggnog! Absolutely delicious, make sure you make 2 different ones. One for the Kids. And One for the Adults. Unless you want to put your kids to bed early that night! [ Click link for recipe ]

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  1. How to Make Home Cooked Faux Fried Schnitzël in a Microwave
    Two Methods

    Method 1: Buy one cooked Schnitzël from someone somewhere and reheat in microwave

    Method 2: Buy 1 Box or Bag of Breaded and Shaped Mechanically seperated chicken pieces and parts. Microwave until very hot and let harden. Top with a slice of paperthin shaved water injected and hardwood smoked with honey baked ham flavors added natural juices.

    How to satisfy fried food cravings.

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