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Alzheimer’s disease found to be racist!

American Thinker:

By A.J. Rice

Pretty soon, “entrenched systemic racism” will be held responsible for snowstorms, too.  They are, after all, white.  And black folks often get stuck in them. 


Use the same logic to blame white people for black people developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, its symptomatically similar affliction.  The Department of Health and Human Services has done exactly that in its latest “report” about these diseases and how to combat them in…”culturally responsive” ways.

This involves “individuals and organizations respond(ing) respectfully and effectively to people of all cultures, languages, classes, races, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and other diversity factors in a manner that recognizes, affirms, and values their worth.” 

What this has to do with anyone — of any “race, ethnic background … gender or sexual orientation” becoming ill or not is harder to divine. MORE

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  1. Up until now, medical science could not pinpoint the cause of Alzheimer’s, but now it looks like HHS has discovered that it is lack of groceries and walking. And being black. Of course, this “study” of theirs is just to justify prioritizing blacks for all government health services.

  2. Certainly white people are to blame for more black people developing Alzheimer and dementia. Our efforts over the centuries produced a system where more people live longer regardless of race, ergo, more black people live long enough to develop Alzheimer or dementia. Clearly whitey’s fault. If they lived in nature, back in the homeland, they’d mostly never experience such awful things.

  3. grayjohn
    DECEMBER 28, 2022 AT 12:37 PM
    “Don’t Black people get tired of being represented by morons? Why doesn’t it piss them off?”

    We get free stuff, reparations, no responsibility for our own actions, be as rayyyciss as we wanna be, and we can literally get away with murder and blame Whitey for EVERYTHING!

    What’s NOT to like?


  4. Yeah, and Tay-Sachs disease is a Holocaust Denier and a nasty anti-semite.

    Oh, and fingernails are rayyycisss. Most black people can’t even have their own natural black fingernails because of all the antebellum slave-owner rapists. (Yes, I made that up. Really dark-skinned Africans also have pinkish fingernails.)


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