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Amazon has a new design for their app icon and it, uhh … it looks like … uhhhhh

Not The Bee:

Amazon has rolled out a new icon for their iOS app and my first thought was “Oh that’s kinda cute” and then that thought was followed immediately by “WAIT A MINUTE…”


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  1. Ever notice how the Left hates navy blue now? Ever since Barky and his “fried egg & bacon on a blue plate” logo, the left has been using that sky blue color in their signs and logos.

  2. Brings new meaning to their “lightning” deals.

    Perhaps delivery trucks can converge on your home in a panzer maneuver.

  3. TRF
    JANUARY 28, 2021 AT 12:37 PM
    “Der Amazon.. or just shorten it up to Damazon!”

    …it would be DAS Amazon, as “Das” is neuter gender, and you know how into neutering gender liberals are…

    …be “Damazon” still works, although there’s no such thing as contacting the definite article into the noun in German. But seeing as how Democrats have no regard for rules and Germany is basically an Islamic State at this point anyway, they probably won’t worry about grammer rules either…

  4. I can’t be the only one who thinks their logo looks just like a giant dick. Don’t leave me hangin’, people.

  5. Not an Amazon fan, but the Hitler mustache is a reach. That’s not who we are conservatives. *throws up after typing TNWWA*

  6. If they’re going to call themselves Amazon and have a big weird dick for a logo then Big Mike Obama should be their spokescritter.

  7. I didn’t know Jeff Bezos had become a spokesman for Billionaires afflicted with Peyronie’s Disease, but I’m glad he’s finally going to release those very private pictures he was sending to his married mistress. You know, the ones the brother of his mistress sold to the National Enquirer.

  8. “Heil Amazon!…(Kung Flu)”

    Machloja, yesterday I saw it called “The Holocough”. Seems quite appropriate today.

  9. I am trying to do as little as possible business with Amazon, especially for buying books. I still have some Christmas money left over that I want to buy to buy books with but I won’t do business with Amazon. And Barnes & Noble when I went there last week wasn’t much better, it was a friggin ghost town in there with hardly any customers. And their selection of books (and it’s more politically correct now), seems to be way down from what it was last Spring before all the chink flu bs started.

  10. I don’t have an Amazon account, I use my daughters. Besides every time I try to use Amazon it never fails to confuse my order when I go to checkout and I’m constantly changing the totals. I’m still old school, maybe that’s why my children call me a techtard. Bring back local brick and mortar and mom and pop stores where normal business can be conducted as it used to be.

  11. My Petey B delivers his package in record time when he signs off for the night with, you got it all you hater potaters, my unbleached elastic starfish!

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