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AMC Puts Trigger Warning on Classic Film Goodfellas Over ‘Cultural Stereotypes’


The AMC Network has put a ‘trigger warning’ on the classic mobster movie Goodfellas over what they claim are cultural stereotypes.

Stereotype or not, the film is based on the true story of Henry Hill, who was part of the mob for years. The other characters are also based on real people.

Also, if they were going to put a warning on this movie, wouldn’t it make more sense to tell people about all the murdering and other violence? This is just so dumb. more

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  1. Those aren’t stereotypes. I live in the neighborhood this move is based on. Goodfellas was accurate in the way it showed the Italian mafia.

  2. AMC should put a trigger waring on their ad content.
    It’s too dam long!
    I don’t watch AMC because it’s 5 minutes of movie, then 5 minutes of ads! Can’t stand it!

  3. I know when I look for a movie, I’m hoping for the ones with the really nasty stuff: violence, coarse language, nudity, alcohol use, and smoking! You know there will be something there for the whole family.

  4. Other than TMC, I can’t watch a movie that is interrupted with woke commercials, even if I dvr them. Fast forwarding them and still seeing the woke ads go by pisses me off. Still hanging onto my dvds and laserdiscs just for that reason…no bullshit filler in them. Plus, physical copies are cool to look at and to read liner notes.

    Side note – for those looking to make a fast buck and can sell stuff on ebay, look for SEALED VHS tapes. Those things are selling for thousands. Cars, by Pixar, recently sold for $5000. Rocky 1st run vhs tapes have sold in the five figure range.

  5. One of my favorite movies of all time.

    AMC can go fuck themselves, it is what it is, and there is no reason to hide it.

    I’M White. But neither I nor any of my ancestors ever owned slaves.

    Not every Italian is a mobster. IT’S A FUCKING MOVIE KAREN!

  6. Next they will be marking films in which everyone has a job, cares for their fellow man, has a family and children, etc. with trigger warnings for those offended by such things.

  7. The funniest trigger warning I ever saw was on AMC and the movie was Blazing Saddles.
    My sister and I watched as they bleeped over all the N-words.
    Ha, good thing we knew what to say at every bleep.
    When they bleeped over the sounds from the scene around the campfire, well, hmmm…..not gonna say if we contributed to the soundtrack then, LOL!!

  8. ^^ Reminds me of Carlin’s John Pigman from Class Clown –
    John Pigman was an artist, man. He would save air for like half an hour, man. You’d see him over in the corner. “Hey, John..” “No no, man..(gulping air sounds). “Ah, and when he would finally let go- ‘BRRRIGADDOOMBRIGGADOWWBRRRRUGGADOOWOWOWOW!’ Oh, wow. Old ladies…old ladies would puke for blocks around. He would talk when he burped. You remember those guys? (burping:) “How do you do? Son of a b***h. BLLGADOO! BLLLUGH! He’d try to go through the whole alphabet on one burp. (burping:) ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW… Sometimes John would be in the movie theater…and you didn’t know he was there. And then you found out, man. If anybody on the screen opened their mouth without saying anything, John would provide the dialog. ‘BRRRRIGADOW!’ “Hey, John’s here, man!”

  9. Hollywood and the TV industry promotes violence. Did they ever put warning notices on violence? Maybe on some occasions after the Hayes code became the working code for movies, till the 1960s, when the move industry weakened and finally ended it.

    Here are some of the subjects the Hayes code said to be “careful with”:

    The use of firearms;
    Theft, robbery, safe-cracking, and dynamiting of trains, mines, buildings, et cetera (having in mind the effect which a too-detailed description of these may have upon the moron);
    Brutality and possible gruesomeness;
    Technique of committing murder by whatever method;
    Methods of smuggling;
    Third-Degree methods;
    Actual hangings or electrocutions as legal punishment for crime;
    Sympathy for criminals;
    Attitude toward public characters and institutions;
    Apparent cruelty to children and animals;
    Branding of people or animals;
    The sale of women, or of a woman selling her virtue;
    Rape or attempted rape;

    I believe the movie artists felt their so-called art was being suppressed by the code, and worked to get it repealed, along with other forces. Their so-called art speaks for itself – mayhem and brutality in many movies – it has helped warp several generations of people.

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