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Americans step up because the police aren’t there

American Thinker: One of the things criminals don’t understand is that, in a country governed by the rule of law, law enforcement doesn’t exist only to protect the law-abiding. It also exists to protect criminals. That’s because, in the absence of law enforcement, you get vigilantism, which is usually much more brutal than anything the police can dish out. Even worse, when vigilantism gets too out of control, the response is tyranny, with the tyrant promising to renew order.

Last week, a video made the rounds showing what happened to a man who entered a restaurant, waved a gun around (later shown to be fake), and demanded people’s valuables. That’s a common enough occurrence nowadays, but this one went viral when one of the customers, recognizing that a criminal pointing a gun at others poses an imminent threat to life, shot the man…again and again and again.

Most people agree that the initial shots were righteous, but there’s debate about the last shot when it appeared that the threat the robber presented had been neutralized. However, we really don’t know whether the robber was still a threat. After all, we’ve all seen videos of bad guys absorbing round after round and still killing or wounding people. (E.g., here.) The law allows citizens to keep defending themselves as long as necessary.

Two more videos of citizens taking action have emerged. One is wonderfully amusing because it shows Guitar Center employees in Phoenix unceremoniously throwing out a would-be thief: more

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  1. I’d give the shooter a Mulligan on a couple extra rounds based on stress related adrenaline. The “pull it again” command is on its way to the muscles even though the brain starts a “stop” command. That whole “time slows down” phenomenon is taking place.

  2. “in a country governed by the rule of law,”

    Ha, that’s your first mistake.

    The rule of law was designed to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, and can only function when people know the rules going in. We do not have that now. What we do have are elected officials that are not doing their job. We have D.A.s who decide for themselves what laws will be prosecuted and what punishments if any are meted out with all the social-economic factors baked into the cake.

    We also have cops that are either too lazy or too scared to pro-actively enforce the law for fear of not being supported by their superiors and being fed to the woke mob who does not like them anyway.

    If vigilantism would be allowed as an alternative, I would be down with that. The cops are never there and instant justice is always the purest. But when law-abiding citizens act in protection of either themselves or others and they find themselves on the business end of a wrongful prosecution by a D.A. with an agenda, then good honerst folks are no where to turn except to rebel.

  3. Bitch down the street mentioned that they feel good knowing me and my neighbor live there. My neighbor came out in his underwear and stuck a guy up who was breaking into one of his cars and held him at the muzzle of his Glock until the police got there. What bitch an bitch’s wife fail to realize is that I could sit there and watch one of the fucking assholes they vote to enable skin them alive and eat a bowl of ice cream and not bother to call 911 on their behalf. The fuckers vote to turn this shit loose on the community they deserve to suffer the consequences of their fucking malicious acts.

  4. I hate to see vigilantism take place here. Innocent people will die. But when the courts refuse to prosecute the criminal element they leave little choice. It be a good thing for everyone to understand when they can se they’re fire arm and when they can’t. Money well spent and every states a little different. Another must is carry insurance. If you shoot someone, no matter how righteous the shoot was, odds are you will need an attorney.
    The guy in the restaurant is most likely going to jail. It was pretty clear the threat had ended. He executed the dumb shit.
    The woman at the park may get off. I believe in Texas you can shoot a piece of shit in the act of a felony while they are trying to escape.
    Self defense/CCW classes are not that expensive. Don’t take a shooting class, look for someone who is going to go over the laws.
    It seems like most people that carry use these guys for insurance. I switched to them a couple months back and they send you a lot of info that will keep you out of jail weekly.


  5. Have any of the people whining about the guy who shot the criminal every shot anything?
    Even when you shoot a deer you have an adrenaline rush.
    I imagine shooting a criminal would get you wound tighter than a watch spring.

  6. This is justice:
    You have to shoot a number times to scare off the remaining gang.
    A moron is waving a gun and putting it back, it will just get you killed like the idiot robbing the restaurant.

  7. @TRF
    “ole Jackass Joe sez: “shoot ’em in the leg”
    An incident in Florida the other day ended up with the guy bleeding out because the woman victim shot him in the leg (following slowjoe’s advice) and hit an artery. Fine with me. He deserved it.

  8. IF the Texas shooter woman keeps her trap shut, she may get off. I notice that she walked away as the police were arriving. She was wearing a cap, jeans and t-shirt, all fairly non-descript. And the video was far enough away to not show full facial characteristics, so, hopefully not able to be identified.
    Good luck Texas woman, I say ya done good.

  9. ATTN: in an earlier comment above, Brad recommended those of us that have firearms to seriously consider insurance in case you have to use a weapon in self defense or in the protection family and property. I’ve been planning on getting the insurance and so I made a couple calls today. I found out that here in Washington, and also New York and New Jersey that you can’t get insurance for the use of a firearm. I had one person tell me that they are unwilling to allow criminal actions to be insured. WTF?!?!

  10. “they are unwilling to allow criminal actions to be insured. ”

    So the God given right of protecting yourself or your loved ones is now a criminal action? This can’t be constitutional.

  11. California has a division of GOA, Gun Owners of Cali. I can’t find a division in Washington State. You might try hitting GOA up and seeing if they’re even aware of this bull shit.
    If you were a bad guy with a gun they’d just let you go.

  12. Jethro- An incident in Florida the other day ended up with the guy bleeding out because the woman victim shot him in the leg (following slowjoe’s advice) and hit an artery… to which I say “well fuk ’em if they can’t take a joke!

    Look, we’ve all seen too many examples of how the kid glove treatment works… in other words, it don’t!!
    Take ’em out the first time (and it most likely ain’t the first time anyway) and there won’t be any recidivism!

  13. One of my online nursing groups floated the question of CCW for us that go out into the community for home health and hospice. Made for a lively discussion and I’d estimate 3 out of 4 responding were all for it. Maybe 1 in 4 actually had any firearm education let alone actual training. I strongly recommended training and outlined for them the legal ramifications of even a righteous kill let alone a questionable one. That finally got their attention.

  14. Kali Refugee in Texas

    I’ve attended a bunch of Tactical Pistol Classes. They spend about 1 minute. Everyone shoots CNS. Central Nervous System. As wide as the eyes and 12 inches down.

  15. the last paragraph & a half summarize the situation …
    “At that point, you find yourself in the world Tacitus described: “They ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretenses, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire. And when in their wake nothing remains but a desert, they call that peace.”

    … a top-down tyrannical peace is the real goal behind the Democrats’ sustained attack against the rule of law across America.”

    period. end. stop.

    buckle your chinstraps kiddies … it’s gonna be a bumpy ride

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