America’s emergency oil supply is heading to Europe – IOTW Report

America’s emergency oil supply is heading to Europe

American Thinkers:

By Andrea Widburg

Biden’s executive orders ending the Keystone Pipeline, along with exploration and drilling on almost all federal land, when combined with the Democrats’ and RINOs’ uncontrolled spending (made possible by printing money), has created unprecedented inflation in America. To try to stave off the worst of it before the mid-terms, Biden recently announced he was releasing 1 million barrels of oil per day from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve. However, it turns out that he’s sending at least some of that oil to Europe!

When you have a government that destroys America’s energy independence, you’re going to have rising fuel prices. (As an aside, Congress really needs to end the president’s—any presidents’—power to have that kind of control over oil transport, drilling, and exploration in America.) Maybe Americans could sustain those increased fuel prices but, if you add to that Modern Monetary Theory, which says that America can just print money forever and no one will notice, you’ve got trouble, big trouble.

In this case, the trouble is the worst inflation in over 40 years. That’s probably inaccurate, though, and inflation is actually worse than it’s ever been. The fact is that, since the inflationary 1970s, the government has meddled with how inflation is calculated. If we used the old metrics, the inflation in America, which has also risen faster than in anyone’s lifetime, is much higher already than it was in the 1970s. We’re in deep doo-doo. more

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  1. I wonder exactly how much control the Feds have over our oil industry. These large refineries are for profit businesses. Are the negotiating oil purchases on their own or are the Feds to the point where they tell them where and how much. I don’t believe it’s reached that point. But we are close.

  2. We use almost 20 million barrels/day. Seriously what fucking good could this possibly do even if the oil was being used here?

    The only people that are nodding with this Val-Gal ploy are the Biden voters.

  3. ridiculous as it sounds, I have read that additives for fuel stabilization were used in the strategic reserve that are not well tolerated by our military’s diesel vehicles. If so, that coulold have something to do with letting it go. Don’t know if that is true yet, as that sort of info is tightly held.

    What are the plans for replenishment? It is insane to _give_ away our reserve at a time when both russia and china have used threatening language to us.
    Not surprissing though. We’re sending reserve stock of food to china.

  4. Obama, Jarret, Biden, it’s still Communist China calling the shots. They’re scared to death of us round white eyes and something needed to be done about it. And they found the weak traitorous pieces of shits that were all to eager to help them out.

  5. @Say what? – Sit on it some more. Because the longer we wait, the worse things get and the chances of law enforcement, our regular military and the National Guard turning against the Deep State go up.

  6. General Malaise

    For the most part, state and local LE are on our side now. The big problem is if you got all dressed up, you’d have no where to go. Whom do you confront locally? Unless you’re going to travel. And crossing state line is a whole new ball game. So yea, unfortunately we have some more sitting to do.

  7. Shitheads, this is Obama’s third term. Anything he can do to destroy America – ANYTHING – he will have his extorted puppet Biden do. If Biden doesn’t play, he and his son go to prison.

  8. Brad, you know the idiots in charge will pull all manner of additional, tyrannical stunts as things unfold. The more they do, the more and more Americans will emerge from their ‘normalcy bias’ and take a stand. I think the timing will become increasingly obvious with “the importance of the passage of time.” 🙂

  9. General Malaise

    I think it might be caused by an “event”. Like one more fucking stolen election should probably do the trick. The Mid Terms should be fun. Because that will be at the state level.

  10. I hope the morons who mindlessly vote democrat every two years start waking up to the fucking idiocy they’ve imposed on their lives as well as all of us “nazis”. Fucking morons.

  11. I would not go so far as to say the police are on our side. Most are sympathetic to “the cause” and most hold fealty to their oath and the people’s civil liberties. But all that could change when the rubber meets the road and they are pushed into a position of choice; obey orders or say “NO” to that which infringes on those civil liberties.

    I’ve made the argument a few years now that for me, the point of no return is gun confiscation or even gun registration that would ultimately lead to confiscation. Hate crime laws where people are jailed for speech or restrictions on religious liberty (don’t put it passed them) might also do it but these are not as compelling to me.

    No, I don’t think another stolen election would do it because it would be masked under a blanket of legitimacy without judicial revue. And, under the current system in most blue states, nothing approaching voter integrity has been accomplished.

  12. @Brad April 21, 2022 at 1:15 pm

    > For the most part, state and local LE are on our side

    Were they “on the side” of those The Hold Mother State calls “enemy”, they could not swear their honor to The Holy Mother State.

    They *may* have been shown a “heads we win, tails they lose” “argument”. Likely by a government union rep. But that’s as real as the honor they swore, to The Holy Mother State.

  13. Ukraine has Biden by the balls because of what they know about him.
    The EU has Biden by the balls because they know what Ukraine knows about him.
    We get the shaft!

  14. @Different Tim April 21, 2022 at 5:43 pm

    > has Biden by the balls

    Awwwwww! You (pretend?) that Biden would have been allowed to stay in the clubhouse, if he hadn’t proved (over, over and over!) that he loved, loved, loved! the club rules! You so Special(TM)!

    This is what they are. All. That’s in the club rule.

  15. Every American should be able to travel anywhere in the E.U. visa free with no length of stay restrictions and purchase property without special provisions . I’ll do one better , if Ukraine somehow survives , every U.S. citizen should be given a modest Dacha country home with about five acres in Ukraine , with hot maid service , and a golf cart booze delivery service . The entire American expat enclave should be walled and gated with Azov provided security. Money is pouring into Ukraine and the lion’s share is coming from the U.S. tax dollars . Seems fair.


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