Amid Increasing Terrorist Threats, Carson and Trump Begin Receiving Secret Service Protection

TheLastRefuge: Amid increasing threats from foreign and domestic terror entities (ISIS, Mexican Drug Cartels and BLM, etc.) NewsMax is reporting presidential candidates Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson will begin receiving Secret Service protection.

trump  carson

[…] The additional security of the Secret Service will similarly avoid a repeat of the post-event danger experienced by Candidate Trump after a recent Richmond Virginia rally.  Earlier last week the BLM agitators tried to rush the Trump campaign convoy in Virginia prompting a massive swarm of State Police to respond to urgent calls from local authorities outside the venue.

The Richmond incident was not reported by MSM; however, it perhaps the reason why Donald Trump and his campaign began to raise the concern to the larger media on the day following the altercation.  more

14 Comments on Amid Increasing Terrorist Threats, Carson and Trump Begin Receiving Secret Service Protection

  1. It would appear that the 2nd Amendment works for them and all the other assorted, numerous and special politicos who somehow merit protection that many of them don’t want us to have (Hillery the Hag comes to mind)!!!

  2. I’m sure that the Secret Service welcomes the opportunity to serve people who aren’t loathsome Commie shitbags for a change!

  3. Want proof that Hillary is a evil, retarded old bitch?

    Who else treats people, trained to give their lives to save yours, like absolute shit?

    You couldn’t even make stuff like that up.

  4. Finally, one last thought before brunch.

    That picture of those two, up there?

    Those are the men who will save America, those two. Right there.

  5. Glad to hear that. However, at what cost? Death threats in the land of the free and the home of the brave?! Could it be that, thanks to Hussein and Co., this once great nation has done a Fonz and jumped the shark??

  6. This was after the Secret Service declined to offer protection to Trump and Carson…..but it also then flipped to offer them minimum protection, while tripling the details assigned to Hitllery….Wonder if that is because of the danger assessments? hmmmm….

  7. Just be aware that there will be moles in your security details, guys. The Secret Service has been thoroughly politicized over the last few years, to the point that they are not afraid to harass–in between hooker & blow binges–uppity Congressmen.

  8. You mean Black Lies Matters and Motards are violent and pose a threat? That goes against the current admin’s statements the real terror threats come from conservative, Bible reading, gun owning, honorable veterans.

  9. It would seem to me that the average black male cares nothing for individual freedom, hence our current conundrum.

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