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“An Eye for an Eye” is no joke in Iran

ClarionProject: Five people are waiting to be blinded in one of Iran’s most notorious prisons, according to the opposition movement the National Council of Resistance in Iran (NCRI).

Iran has a law of retribution called qisas, under which punishments are designed to match the crime that was perpetrated. In cases where criminals have blinded people by throwing acid into their faces, the Iranian regime metes out the same fate to the criminal.

Five specific individuals have been sentenced to have acid put on their eyes and ears after being found guilty of acid attacks.  more

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  1. Probably the only thing from medieval ages, that I’m for. Also known around the world under name “true justice”. 😉

  2. “Eye for an eye” means a just, sane, civil society in the Biblical context, not barbaric retribution.

    Gandhi was ignorant.

  3. The sentences have yet to be carried out because the regime has not been able to find a doctor willing to carry out the sentence in breach of their Hippocratic Oath. Why do they need a doctor? I’ll bet a relative of the acid attack victim would volunteer for the task.

  4. It’s a step in the right direction. But if they want to solve the problem for good, and end Iranian terrorism forever while they’re at it, they should just build a high wall around Iran and flood the whole country with acid. Shit-eating acid, to be specific. And do it while John Kerry is over there on one of his moslem blow-job tours.

  5. I guess they need a doctor to do it after sterilizing the solution–we wouldn’t want someone to use unsterilized sulfuric acid, it might cause an infection–they’re not barbarians after all, just people stuck on stupid in the 13th century.

  6. Something I’ve wondered every time I here of another acid attack.

    Where the heck are they getting all this acid. Is it easy to make or something? It’s like you can go to a convenience store in an muslim country find it on the shelf next to laundry detergent. On sale today! Throw acid in two faces for the price of one!

  7. dadof4 Every car or truck has a container full of it.
    The battery.
    You can also buy it at any auto parts store.

  8. Got it.

    Ban batteries!

    I have seen one explode during a start up. Would hate to be near that.

    We do hook up to our truck batteries for powering pumps. Two important things to do then: 1. Never hook up while the switches are connected to the pumps. 2. Always hook the ground last and on a nut or something attached to the frame.

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