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An Update To Steven Crowder’s Video

My response to the Daily Wire: It was never about the money. Here’s the proof.

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  1. Secretly taping a phone conversation with a “friend” is the pinnacle of douchebaggery.

    I hate when right-leaning folks feud considering how diabolical and evil the other side is and I admit I have not followed this feud closely but Crowder, at least to me, is coming off as an asshat.

  2. DW has provided plenty of reasons plural for me to distrust them, going back to the 2008 election. DW is not concerned about conservatism. Shapiro is only concerned with Shapiro. Hence, in his dealings with the DW, I have no qualms with Crowder being only concerned about Crowder. Wish Dice stayed out of the fray.

  3. I’ve been looking into what other right-leaning influencers have been saying about this kerfluffle; Mark Dice, Tim Poole, Dave Ruben, and the consensus is that Crowder stepped on his dick big time. He is looking bad not only for the surreptitious phone recording but his holier than thou,”It’s not about the money” when it clearly is since DW offered him 12 mil and he wanted 30.

    Creating a counterculture and pushing back against the prog narrative is what’s important and in that vein, we need all the help we can get. Crowder is an important voice and conservatives (sometimes to a fault) are always been forgiving. Point your guns outside the circle instead of in and let’s get on with the business at hand, destroying every lib and the horse they rode in on.

  4. As Rush used to say: “when they tell you it’s not about the money, it’s ALWAYS about the money.”

    I never understood the appeal of Crowder, but that’s just me.

  5. Mark Dice, Tim Poole, and Dave Ruben would all benefit were there one less conservative voice to compete with. It’s either an odd topic for Dice to find unity with Ruben, or it’s not very odd at all. Comedians tend not to be serious people every passing moment. We should avoid the circular firing squad, indeed.

  6. 1. Crowder is in Texas. It is a single consent state, so Crowder is legally able to record a call. As he said, he has only recorded three people. I know of one other, I don’t know of the third. I don’t have a problem with this. Hearing the actual discussion prevents a “he said, no he said” situation.

    2. I doubt there is anyone at that level who doesn’t have a big ego. If they didn’t, they would not have made it that far.

    I have to agree with Crowder on this: how can it be good for conservatives when they allow those who hate conservatives to control the game? Why doesn’t the Daily Wire make an offer that is not dependent on those sources (except maybe as a bonus)? That way no money is lost with demonetization. They could also do as Crowder is doing and explore other avenues. Look at Hollywood today. Most of what they do is based on what would be successful in China; whether is is successful in the US is of little concern. Why should conservatives play the game of letting leftists control what conservatives say?

  7. I also remember that many on the Daily Wire only speak well of Trump when the wind is blowing his way. When it is not, then they are never-Trumpers.

    And how many hear criticize Project Veritas and their secretly recorded tapes?

    A circular firing squad? Didn’t George W. Bush have conservative support when he was President and now is is considered by many conservatives to be not much better than many Democrats?

  8. @RadioMattM

    You are a good dude and write good stuff, but if you genuinely can’t tell the difference between Project Veritas taping a sick abortion doctor who sells baby parts on the side, and 2 decades-long friends who have worked together for years and are now in an honest discussion about business, well, I got nothing to offer.

    Crowder, “I don’t like your business model, but if you pay me more money then I will not only like it but embrace it”.

    And leave it to Seth Dillon (The Babylon Bee) to not only separate themselves from the pack and troll everyone involved in the process;

  9. It’s an easy choice between Crowder and Shapiro. Perhaps Crowder requested a ridiculous amount of money just to end negotiations so he could use it to draw attention to DW business practices.

    Recordings conveniently eliminate the he said, she said. The only people who fear recordings are people who convinced themselves they have something to hide.

  10. I didn’t understand what Crowder was getting at then looked to my fav Mark Dick to explain. I like Crowder as I think of his as the voice of the Brain on kids show Arthur but Dice is always refreshing and does not take himself too seriously. Crowder way too intense

  11. I don’t like Sharipo so I don’t watch Daily Wire. All the bs about strikes on you tube is ignorant and shouldn’t be included in any contract.

    Honestly though, imo, you have millionaires arguing over their millions and both sides are at fault.

    IF Crowder’s only deal was to keep up and coming people from signing these horrible contracts, good for him. On the other hand why wait so long to come out with this and why did he counter offer $140 million if it wasn’t at least partially about the money?

    My conclusion on all of this is they both look bad and should both sides should just shut the hell up. No deal was made, every person makes choices for themselves, if they want to agree to the stupid shit in contracts of Daily Wire that’s their choice. If Crowder wants to use this as a means to build his own company, whatever. At the end of the day nothing they do is going to save the country and nothing they do really has any bearing on my life. I don’t subscribe to either and had never even heard of mug club or whatever he called it.

    One thing I will certainly though criticize Crowder for is the edited phone call he recorded. I get that maybe he’s in a state where it’s legal, but it’s still not ethical if you don’t disclose it and then when you do release it, release the entire thing, not an edited version.

    Oh and that Jeremy guy looks like a girly man.

  12. ORWW

    “Honestly though, imo, you have millionaires arguing over their millions and both sides are at fault. ”

    These guys don’t make jack shit. That’s part of THEIR problem.

  13. One thing I learned today is that conservatives everywhere must have made things very easy for criminals today. It logically follows that in their righteousness consistency, all conservatives everywhere switched off their Ring and Blink cameras since it is bad and wrong to record your friends. M’kay?

  14. Came close to buying a subscription to DW when they signed Peterson on but held off… And Now I’m Glad I did. Never did Join the Blaze Platform just to get Mug Club for the same reasons. If (or when) Crowder starts his own media empire solo I’m in. A lot of people Laughed at Rush Limbaugh when he was Crowders age and fighting these same fights. Just Sayin’


    P.S. Rumor is Crowder will be on Timcast IRL @ 8pm tonight. Be there or be square. heh.

  15. I dunno…I don’t think it is wrong to record a call between friends/potential business partners so as to have that record…I do have a problem with posting it for the whole world to hear. I don’t have a problem with Crowder and I don’t have a problem with anyone at the Daily Wire – though I have serious trust issues with Ben Shapiro. Crowder, in my opinion, started off okay, then botched it. I don’t pay for any of their stuff, I just read who I think is good. Crowder could’ve made a valid point initially, but he botched it for me.

  16. Brad, they’ve received many millions just for blabbing basically and I guess more power to them. To argue though that any of them are really interested in the conservative movement is stretching it imo, they all found a way to get money from suckers who want a voice. Maybe at one time it meant something to them, but now most are just in it for the money, which is fine, but just be honest about it.

  17. “Brad, they’ve received many millions just for blabbing basically”

    No! Even when Eric Erikson was still in the good graces of conservatives he moved to, I believe, Wisconsin and purchased a 2200 ft square home and was bragging about it. That was about three weeks before his wife disappeared. What a lame ass.
    Shapiro did some testimonial to his new kid some years ago and they were living in an apartment. Easy to research. Not sure why you think these people are making bank.

  18. Well Brad he was offered a $50 million contract and turned it down. That was real money. It is said he has 300,000 mug club subscribers at $80/year, at least that’s the cost from what I found for searching. That is real money. These guys on you tube make money. Rekieta was just talking about it the other night and how much he admitted to making during the Rittenhouse trial, I think he said it was like $100,000. The more subscribers they have the more money they make, the more who view their shows the more money they make, the more likes their videos get the more money they make. Crowder has 5.94 million subscribers, his first video on this has 1.3 million views. Just looking on his first page of videos the least amount of views one of his videos has is 235,000 views. Then he has sponsors that pay him to read their ads on his shows. Then people can pay to be members of theirs, it’s pretty small, but adds up. Then people give them super chats, I’ve seen people pay anywhere from $1 to $500 for super chats on those I watch. There’s a reason all of these people want to be “content creators” now.
    How can you think they’re not making money?


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