And off the cliff they go!

Patriot Retort: We knew this was coming. But this morning the House Democrats officially drove off the cliff.

After caterwauling for weeks about quid pro quo and bribery, House Democrats finally announced their two articles of impeachment against President Trump.  And neither of them are quid pro quo or bribery.


They’re driving off the cliff by accusing the President of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

So the Kabuki Theater they subjected us to for the last month amounted to nothing.

But then again, we all knew that, didn’t we?  None of their witnesses witnessed anything.  The transcript of that phone call was widely available — even to us.

Yet still they hopped in the clown car and drove off the cliff.


Well, according to that venal little worm Adam Schiff, if they don’t proceed off the cliff, Trump will “cheat” in 2020 the same way he “cheated” in 2016.

He cheated in 2016?

That’ll be news to Robert Mueller who determined he did not “cheat.”

6 Comments on And off the cliff they go!

  1. They may have gone over the cliff, but they haven’t hit bottom yet and before they do it’s going to get a lot worse! They are fully committed to perverting and overthrowing the political process in this country. There are already reports that they will not accept the results of the election if Trump wins. What makes anyone think they will accept the results of ANY Republican win?? They are going to go full tilt Communist and pull out all the stops on voter fraud and where that doesn’t work I predict it’s going to get really ugly. Desperate men do desperate things and these desperate are making a last ditch effort to grab power any way they can and make no mistake about it, Jeramiah Wright´s Jug-Eared, Purple-Lipped “God-Damn-America”-hating, Marxist Muzlim Mallard is weighing in on this in his usual way… from behind! Buckle up kids, it’s gonna get real bumpy!

  2. Boy, the democrats sure have left blacks, faggots, illegals, and free healthcare/education/housing in the weeds throughout all this. Interestingly, not a single one in the pander-to base has noticed. Maybe they successfully convinced every single one of the loudest people in the room to shut up and wait to be better off with president Pence.


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