Anger builds after Detroit 6th graders are spotted pole dancing at alleged strip club during field trip – IOTW Report

Anger builds after Detroit 6th graders are spotted pole dancing at alleged strip club during field trip

BPR: A Michigan school district is getting hammered after sixth-graders went on a class field trip that included allowing the students to practice pole dancing in a restaurant lounge according to a school board trustee who called it an example of “poor judgment.”

The Hart Middle School band teacher took the children to see the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in November. While on the trip, they stopped to have lunch at Niki’s Pizza which is connected to Niki’s Lounge, a strip club complete with stripper poles according to the Daily Mail. The lounge claims they are not stripper poles and are “decorative.”

Allegedly, the pizzeria was too crowded so the students shifted to the lounge and, unfortunately for the band director, were pictured swinging on stripper poles. When parents found out, they were enraged.

A spokesperson with the Rochester Communities Schools told Fox News in a statement that the students did have lunch at Niki’s, but would not comment on the incident with the stripper lounge.

Niki’s Lounge advertises itself as the premiere nightclub in Motor City. However, a flyer on Instagram shows that it has hosted strippers according to the Daily Mail. The flyer makes it very clear, “Guys bring your singles.” more

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  1. My kids class went to a farm last week. Collected eggs, milked a cow, road a donkey & helped muck out horse stalls. Took till midnight to get him to shut up & go to sleep & up at 8am ready to talk about the farm some more.

  2. Your children are wearing the clothes, and singing the songs of the black man. WE have a culture, a history and heritage that is worth preserving and protecting. Wake up now.

  3. I went to a strip club in Deet a hundred years ago when it was still technically illegal, or at least frowned upon, to kill White people for being White. I was up there with a bunch of other young men from area Kmart stores to learn about alignments back when they worked on cars and had a training school there, and the company put us up in motel rooms on 8 mile road WAY before Eminem made it famous, but it was pretty special even then. We were all poor White boys (c’mon, K-mart employees!) and is showed, so mostly they left us alone.

    There was a place called the Zoo we went to, and it was pretty well named, but mostly the theming was overfed Black women dancing in cages. They’d let them out at varous times to dance for dollars, which I did not have, but they watched REAL close and I saw them take hold of one guy and launch him into a fire plug where he was still laying in his own blood when we left. He was dead for all I know, this was before I knew anything about anything and I had stay with the herd for safety, but at least I wasn’t actively kicking him or going through his pockets like the rest of the crowd was, so there’s that.

    Fast forward a few decades and its gotten quite a bit worse. I’ve been there a couple times since (Fanuc robotics has a training facility there) and hada hotel room one time that overlooked the closed and partly collaped Silverdome with all the federally recalled Volkswagens parked around it, but I’ve added a wife since then so no more strip clubs. Not that hookers, pimps, and drug dealers weren’t easily available on the street outside as some of their compatriots begin their nightly Volkswagen stripping, so I was able to do my cultural anthropology right out the window and any time I went to get food.

    And even this was a decade or so ago.

    And again, things have scarcely gotten better.

    Given that, not only would I not take a school age child to a strip club (there or ANYWHERE), I would not even recommend taking school age children to the local McDonald’s unless you want them to learn rap argot and duck-and-cover drills.

  4. Take the wee ones to Waffle House to learn redecorating.
    Or to Walmart to crawl through the vegetables – imitating some feral hog.

    Field trips sure have changed since I was a youngun.

    We once went to Annapolis and met Gov. Spiro Agnew.
    And (earlier) we visited King Ludwig II’s Castle.

    Never made it to strip clubs.
    Oh, the times, they are a-changin …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Shouldn’t the strip club be fined for letting a bunch of underage kids into their sleazy joint in the first place? Nah, probably not, it’s Detroilet. Our field trips were never like that because if they were the teachers would’ve been hauled off to the hoosegow for corruption of minors.

  6. When I was a high school junior, a small group of us, with 2 adult teachers (football coaches) went on a summer camping trip/history tour of California. At Lake Tahoe, the 4 of us juniors were left on our own to walk the strip while the teachers hit the casinos. We paired up, me and another guy found a teen night club, but the other two thought gambling might be fun. They were arrested and put in adult jail. I can only imagine what trouble the two teachers got into, but they kept their jobs, and later became football coaches at some pretty good colleges.

    Best field trip ever.

  7. Remember when twerking was a big deal during the Obama administration. IIRC, even The Mooche took at try at it. Google it, it’s on Youtube. I also recall black father’s whipping their daughters on youtube for twerking. Oh, the calls for child abuse raged on. Dad flat out told the Press, his children aren’t wiggling their asses at no one. They left black culture alone there. I was happy to see black fathers stepping up to the plate.

  8. there was a day where the teacher, school bus driver and principal would have all been arrested, tried and convicted 3 weeks frin when the news broke on this story. it was just a given hence it never happened.

    now, we live in the age of “groomers”. is it a wonder the Democrats ate obsessed with taking away our guns?


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