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Another Creepy Clown Sighting

h/t Diogenes’MiddleFinger


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  1. Some guy in DFW had a clown stop him while jogging. The clown was carrying a baseball bat and asked the jogger if he wanted to play a game. The jogger was experienced in MMA and decided to strike first, hitting the clown in the face. The clown ran into the woods with blood pouring from his mask.

  2. I heard on the radio this morning some asswipe in a clown mask tried to get into a woman’s car and got shot in the face! I knew there was a purpose for those .410 BUCKSHOT rounds!
    Didn’t hear any more about it.

  3. There should be additional penalties for committing crimes dresses as a clown. It’s just plain wrong. Trust me, if you robbed a bank with your face painted, and dressed like a black minstrel, you’d get the max sentence for being a racist.

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