Another Look at A. Weiner

Listen: ‘Red Pilled America’ Revisits the Hilarious Weinergate Saga.


The latest episode of Red Pilled America continues a two-part series on Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow — and revisits his role in the infamous Weinergate saga, which remains just as astonishing as ever, eight years later.

Hosts Patrick Courrielche and Adryana Cortez speaking with many of the Breitbart News editors and reporters who broke the most infamous social media story in history — one that reverberated in the 2016 presidential campaign.

It was the discovery of tens of thousands of emails on a laptop belonging to the former congressman and former New York City mayoral favorite that led then-FBI Director James Comey to reopen the case against Hillary Clinton — with just days to go before the November 8 election.

12 Comments on Another Look at A. Weiner

  1. This lousy POS got out of prison almost two years ago after serving only a year for being a perv. Huma was going to divorce him, but then withdrew saying it was to “spare their six-year-old son further embarrassment”.
    Suuuure it was!
    They’re both filthy dirty and as husband and wife they cannot testify against each other!
    Thar’s yer real reason!
    Not only that, but it wouldn’t surprise me one iota if Hillary sent them a cryptic message about a contract on both of them if they divorced!

  2. If Hillary won, a rapist would’ve been back in the White House and this clown would have been the husband of her Chief of Staff.

    And to think, if that happened there would have been no #MeToo movement or complaining about pussy grabbing. Just NYT editorials about all the women that moan when they are fondled by Slick Willy and how they wished it was them.

  3. Carlos Danger must have an “Insurance Policy”, otherwise he would have committed “suicide” while in prison.


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