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MN: Another Phoney Baloney Hate Crime



No sooner did we take a look at the alleged racial incidents at St. Olaf and the related rituals than the latest such incident — the one that gave rise to all the action — was revealed as another hate crime hoax committed by the black student in the middle of the matter. The college continues to investigate similar reported incidents that have occurred on campus since last fall.

The College Fix’s Nathan Rubbelke has an excellent story on today’s developments here. The Star Tribune’s Paul Walsh and Jennifer Brooks report the story here. I want to add five notes.

1. This latest incident giving rise to the hysteria on campus fits a pattern. The college nevertheless canceled classes and appeased the mob in advance of a resolution of the matter.

2. Leading with this latest incident, the Star Tribune also jumped in to support the mob at St. Olaf with the customary brain-dead editorial. Here it is, for the record:


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  1. OK BFH here’s a contest idea: Take a fable from old and re-title it as a politically correct fable.

    For example, Women’s studies version: “The feminist who cried penis”

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