Another Stupid Teen Prank Goes Viral

h/t Breaking 911

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  1. Great..lets spread the idea around so others can try it. I say, use a quarter, and make sure your home owners is paid up.

  2. Just hope your stupid kid starts a big enough fire that investigators can’t determine stupidity. Claim denied.

  3. Don’t Do It. That is a warning given to a lot of heedless people, most of whom end up dying an early and painful death.

  4. I did that with a fork!
    When I was 5.There are 3 slots
    in a modern 15 amp. or 20 amp. household
    electrical outlet.Only 1 will shock you.
    Looking into the socket top left slot is
    slightly longer than the slot on the right.
    That is the neutral slot.The one on the right,
    the slightly shorter slot is the HOT.The round
    slot at the bottom is a ground return back to the

  5. Don’t know where I got the idea but when I was ten I tried to “weld” my broken cap gun with an electrical cord with stripped wires on one end. Wasn’t dumb enough to touch the bare wire but the “zap” scared the hell out of me. And the stench I can still smell once in awhile. But I was TEN.

  6. LOL I did that at age 6. A plug in my house was not fully engaged in the wall receptacle in my house so I put a hanger on the prongs going into the receptacle. What a beautiful arc of light. Sorry kids, been done before.

  7. When I was ten, I accidentally (really, it was an accident) touched both exposed cord wire screws on a plugged in antique lamp. Thought it’d stop my heart but man, no joke, did I feel energized. Lit me right up. Was so dumb I did it twice.

  8. Warning labels and Underwriters Labs need to be totally eliminated. Problems like this will then solve themselves. BTW, try shooting a light bulb with a water pistol. I did it and it hurt like Hell.

    Only because my Mom beat my @ss senseless like a responsible parent should.

  9. My electrical engineer father used to hot wire outlets. Once and a while, he’d get zapped and say, “Damn!” At about eight years old, he gave me the short course on AC and even encouraged me to experience that “Damn!” by brushing my finger quickly across both the hot and return wires. That “Damn!” is very instructive!

  10. OMG. Like wow, this is great. Who like knew there was that much electricity in a penny? How much do they like cost? They have to be like way cheaper than oil, right?

  11. Jimmy, that’s how my brother in law does electric. I sit back, wait for the dammit, and giggle when it happens.

  12. “OMG. Like wow, this is great. Who like knew there was that much electricity in a penny? How much do they like cost? They have to be like way cheaper than oil, right?”


    Good. Very good.

  13. @ RADIOATIONMAN ~ ever been hit w/ an unbalanced load coming off a neutral? … hurts worse ’cause you’re not expecting it

    frankly, this is why when installing outlets the little doghouse entrance should be installed upside down … anything metallic falling in that space will hit the grounding bar … but, hey outlets are sooooo much cuter when they look like little emoji faces 😮

    … it’s also why all ‘male’ plugs should have a grounding prong
    (now everything comes from China where they don’t GAS & actually counterfeit UL labels on all the cheap ‘builder grade’ electrical material, or the crap you get from Amazon)

  14. I remember that a Lionel train transformer converted 110 V down to around 15 Vto run a safe current to the tracks Toruń the train. I got the idea to use a cut power cord and connect the bare wire to the terminals, running the 110 V through the transformer to reverse, I.e., IN REASE the voltage from 110 V to a highly increased voltage.
    It burned out and there was a very distinctive smell of ozone.
    On of those things you only do once.

  15. aleon…

    When I was young
    and had no sense
    I went and pissed
    on an electric fence

    It curled my hair
    and twisted my balls
    and made me shit
    in my overalls

  16. If any of the nearby generations stations on your grid are nuclear, you have to be aware of radiation leaking from unused outlets. Always, always have something plugged into every socket to prevent long term radiation poison!

  17. My first day on the job when I got into carpentry we were doing a demo job. After removing the suspended ceiling tiles and grid we started cutting and pulling wires. Electricians told us power was cut for suite. Took my linesmen pliers and started cutting wires when all of a sudden bang/flash. A live 277 volt wire for the lighting. That night I purchased a voltage detector and rubber handled linemans.😬

  18. Damnit!! I was hoping to see a small pile of carbonized remains and a pair of smoking sneakers.

    Make sure that Hunter Biden and Cong. Hank Johnson see this, they’re both dumb enough to try.

  19. A bunch of guys from my church back in the 70’s sort of adopted a homeless bum and had come him to live with them. It didn’t take them long to realize why this crazy guy was homeless when they caught him roasting hotdogs on a wire hangar stuck into an electrical outlet. They promptly kicked him out and that was the end of that but it was a funny story. No matter how hard you try some people are just plain nuts and not worth saving. And no one ever heard from or saw that guy ever again.

  20. The shop teacher in Junior High back in the mid 60’s once threw a charged capacitor at a kid who had fallen asleep during class. Boy did he ever jump when that capacitor landed in his lap. I don’t think the teacher would get away with that now, nosireebob.

  21. I ended up with a flaming ball of steel wool in my hands as a kid. I ran to the toilet and chucked it in a flushed. It exploded in the toilet (methane?) Thankfully it didn’t do any visible damage.

    First time I told that story.

  22. Flip, that’s why I avoid solar. All that light coming out of the sockets would make it hard for me to sleep at night. Wind energy is definitely out of the question as my house has enough drafts on cold days already. They think we’re stupid don’t they?

  23. when I was a kid, one of my friends dropped a lit sparkler down through a hole in a manhole cover. That was impressive.

  24. When I was a small kid back in the early 60’s and we were visiting my Grandfathers farm in Oregon my younger brother and I were out side after dark and I touched the electric fence then I grabbed my brothers hand and the current went thru me into my brother. I evidently was grounded and he got the jolt all the while we were yelling for my uncle to shut the power off to the electric fence, we never did that again. And no I never pissed on an electric fence but I have heard of idiots who were dared into doing that. Talk about getting your zip zapped.


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