Anti-deportation activists ‘occupy’ Biden campaign HQ in Philadelphia; 6 arrested


Six people were arrested at Joe Biden’s campaign office in Philadelphia Wednesday after advocates for undocumented immigrants stormed the building in a bid to confront the Democratic frontrunner over the millions of deportations that took place during the Obama Administration when he was vice president.

Movimiento Cosecha, an activist group consisting of immigrants who are fighting for the rights of undocumented migrants, said that the poor conditions facing migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border started under President Barack Obama, but has been highlighted by the Trump administration’s controversial policies, including family separation.

“The Trump administration’s cruel treatment of immigrants at the border & across the country has finally exposed the inhumanity of our whole system,” the group said in a post on Twitter. READ MORE

5 Comments on Anti-deportation activists ‘occupy’ Biden campaign HQ in Philadelphia; 6 arrested

  1. ” … advocates for undocumented immigrants …”

    Four words that make the real problem obvious. Or just the two words that focus in on the essence of it – “undocumented immigrants”.

    Control the language, control the discussion. Control the discussion, control the thinking. Control the thinking, control the people.

  2. So we just let the invaders walk in, give them free everything, and let them take over… thanks dumocrats.


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