Anti-Trump Rapper Mac Miller Arrested for DUI, Hit and Run

Breitbart: Rapper Mac Miller has been arrested for drunk driving and fleeing the scene of an accident, according to TMZ.

According to the report, Miller allegedly hit a pole with his vehicle and then fled on foot along with another passenger. An eyewitness contacted police and pointed them in the direction in which Miller and his passenger had reportedly fled. The police put Miller’s license plate number through the system, determined his home address, and then proceeded to the rapper’s home where he allegedly confessed to drunk driving.

Mac Miller made headlines in 2011 for his hit song Donald Trump. The rapper also asked his fans to not vote for then-candidate Trump, while at the same time supporting Black Lives Matter.

5 Comments on Anti-Trump Rapper Mac Miller Arrested for DUI, Hit and Run

  1. Yet another rapper in what seems like an endless line of them. This one produces irritating political comments as well as his irritating noise.
    Rap is what the low life hordes in this world adopted to replace music. I understand why it induces violence in people because it has that effect on me, when I hear it I have a darkened mood and temperament, I want to club the noisemaker dead.


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