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Anti-woke Male protests by entering female powerlifting contest


Pulling his weight! Male powerlifter protests Canada’s woke gender self-ID laws by saying he’s a woman, then entering female contest and smashing bench press record

This is the moment a male coach claims to be a woman and smashes the female bench press record at a powerlifting competition in Canada.

Bearded Avi Silverberg is shown calmly approaching the bench in men’s clothing as part of a protest against gender self-identification policies in sport.

Silverberg then unofficially breaks the female bench press record for the 84+ kilograms women’s category, which was a 270lbs press – officially set by a trans lifter.

The move, which took place Saturday at the Heroes Classic tournament in Lethbridge, Alberta, was apparently designed to protest rules outlined by the Canadian Powerlifting Union.

Silverberg has yet to comment on his decision to enter the contest and subsequent victory.  

The Canadian rules allow anybody who self-identifies as a woman to compete in the female category, sparking concerns trans women who’ve gone through male puberty may have a considerable physical advantage over biological female rivals. 

The CPU released its ‘trans inclusion policy’ in February which was based on guidance from the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport. MORE

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  1. Who wants to see Alexis Arguello fight Mike Tyson? Two great boxers separated by 80-100 pounds is not a valid competition, it’s a brutally stupid beating with no pride or honor in the winning.

    Women’s sports are being ruined by sick posers who like to play dress-up.

  2. For relevance, they should have told us how much he benched. 167.5 kilos or 369 pounds. And the other GUYS record was 270 pounds. The Tranni should take up knitting because he’s a pusillanimous. My freaken warm up on flat bench is 225.

  3. Knowing that this was Canada, they’ll probably toss the win because he wasn’t a “real” transgender, and probably get himself prosecuted as a hate crime for daring to mock the trans community.

  4. OK, well lets look at the entire training program. 135 x 10, 225 x 10, 315 x 1, 295 x 5, 285 x 5, 275 x 5, 275 x 5,

    Now is it a warm up set? I think most people with half brain would say yes. That might leave you out. I work the back side of the pyramid.

  5. Heatsync,

    The Guy is Trolling just like the Shop Teacher with the Giant Tits & Blonde Wig.
    Beat the Radicals By Using Their Own Rules Against them.

  6. This was a genius move. And the tranny piece of shit whose “record” he beat is whining because… (drum roll please)… Silverberg “isn’t really a woman.”

    Ten years ago, I didn’t give a hoot about trannies. Now, they can all burn in the deepest fires of Hell for all I care. They are a degenerate cult of demons, just like BLM, only even more perverse.

  7. Rich, in fact Brad said to me:
    “You obviously don’t lift”
    “I had man-boobs” (You too)
    “My six-pack was beer”

    I simply wanted some clarification.
    As it turns out I was totally correct.
    Seriously, who warms up with nearly 75% of your one-rep maximum?

  8. I do some strength training but am not a serious lifter.

    I’m an open book. I’m all for honest debate sans any emotional knee-jerking, so if calling attention to past rancor removes it in the future, count me in.

  9. Loco, Rich, George

    Really? I’m not hard to find. The truths important. It should be revealed. I especially want to meet George now.
    Maybe you guys can carpool.

    To those of you expressing your frustrations in the constant bickering. Me too. But I don’t have the personality not to respond when attacked. Like on this thread. I’ll try and avoid responding.

  10. PS, I’ll guarantee you George is a fat little bitch with a small dick and is threatened by anybody that’s manlier than he/it. Which pretty much includes everybody.
    Ah shit, there I go again.

  11. I would say to call a truce, for all of us to admit we have from time to time comported ourselves not 100 percent honorably and vow to do better in the future but you have already indicated you are not up for that with comments like we are not on the same side, you don’t want us in your foxhole, and that you would rather lose without us then win with us. Such intransigence, I don’t know what to do with that.

  12. LOL, you probably don’t want to know my solution. And nothings changed. However I am no longer responding to that little fucking dog, or you, due to public sentiment. Which I totally get. I’m just posting facts from here on out.

  13. I mean if I really wanted to take the time I could go back and document all the times that Brad attacked me first.
    I assumed it was common knowledge that he usually starts shit first?
    Oh well.
    I suppose I skewer him so unmercifully that people feel like I’M the bully here.
    I get that, he gets crushed & pitied.
    “They pity the fool!”

  14. ^^^^^ LOL. If you say so. You and Rich have always been politically opposed to my beliefs. That’s fine. Like I say I’m just posting factual data from now on, I suggest yo do the same. No more personal attacks.

  15. “LOL, you probably don’t want to know my solution”

    If that solution is that we agree with everything you type and think that you are just The Bomb, always correct, insightful, and on point, then yes, keep it to yourself.

    “However I am no longer responding to that little fucking dog, or you, due to public sentiment.”

    So does that start now? I only ask because many times, like that,”You are that fifth Republican” you go after me first, just want to know what your self-imposed rules are.

  16. “You and Rich have always been politically opposed to my beliefs”

    Wait, not 2 seconds ago you types that you were only going to present facts…………what happened?

    All 3 of our political beliefs are pretty much in lockstep except for the hero-worship and the “Trump is the only way” routine.

    You promised facts, let’s see them. What other areas do we disagree on?

  17. When you make a statement like so and so has always been opposed to my political beliefs, it’s incumbent upon you to provide examples. Maybe I’m wrong and that the word disagreements in the past that I forgot but I certainly can’t think of any now. I hope Brad does not scurry away but engage.

  18. So in other words you cannot back up your claim, what a surprise. Just like all The other times where I ask you to back up your assertion with facts, and you fail.

    No worries, I’ve gotten used to your schtick, and I won’t press you any further.

  19. Brad, I butted heads with you long ago. Because of that I generally post anonymously or with a phrase in the “name’ spot. Because our sharing of ideas and facts matter more than our identities, since we are unlikely to meet physically in this life…..

    But, I value your input here, your opinions in general, and your tenacity. And I would not like it if you stopped.

    Strong opinions yield strong responses. Like a physics thang.

    But when some of ‘the gang’ gang up on you, they do make pussies of themselves and add little except length to the comments threads.

    If/when the SHTF, these sheeples will stand by tall men like yourself. I wish you well.

    (do you remember cactus/cacti, long ago?)

  20. I absolutely LOVE this thread.
    We have folks coddling & protecting that poor little innocent baby dove Brad, who never said anything negative, disparaging, demeaning to anyone.
    Bullies like Loco & Rich gang up on him and it’s just awful!
    (Insert leave Brittney alone meme)

    Damn, I should list some of the vile, nasty, hateful names Brad has called me albeit unsolicited mind you, in just the past week alone but evidently Brad has diplomatic immunity…

  21. LBS, you really think the names anyone calls you are unsolicited? You should check with your real friends, if you have them.

    Admit you like aggravating Brad, so you don’t have to look in the mirror at a deflecting whiner

  22. I didn’t think Brad’s mom posted here.

    I’m kidding…………just a joke, calm down.

    I seriously doubt Some moobs or What does has been paying attention. I’ll leave it at that.

  23. Rich, we are truly living in The Twilight Zone.
    Trying to remember what episode this is?
    I hope it’s The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street…

    Could be The Shelter as well?
    Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?
    To Serve Man?

    Seriously though, I sincerely hope it’s ‘The Midnight Sun’ so we can get this shit over with, we fucked it up!

  24. I think it might be “The Eye of the Beholder”, the one with Donna Douglas. Everything has been inverted; critical thinking, the rule of law, personal responsibility, heck, even the metric by which we judge our leaders, it’s all upside down.

  25. Epilogue:

    A sickness known as hate. Not a virus, not a microbe, not a germ—but a sickness nonetheless, highly contagious, deadly in its effects.
    Don’t look for it in the Twilight Zone—look for it in a mirror.
    Look for it before the light goes out altogether.


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