Antifa attacks NBC reporter and his crew in Charlottesville

Twitchy: Watching a bunch of Antifa protesters with no one to actually protest is quite revealing … they don’t really know who or what they’re marching against, they just want to march against something or someone.

Interesting how the governor declaring a state of emergency in Virginia did nothing but inspire a bunch of angry, hairy-legged, cat hoarders to show up in Charlottesville and throw a massive hissy fit. We’re not sure if any ‘alt-right’ folks even showed up.

And as Twitchy covered yesterday, Antifa was lashing out at everyone, but we thought what was most revealing is this video of an NBC reporter and his crew being attacked. MORE

7 Comments on Antifa attacks NBC reporter and his crew in Charlottesville

  1. Further proof of just who are really the violent folks.
    They were hoping “Nazis” would show up, too bad boyz.
    Drink some soy and chill.

  2. Stupid antifa, didn’t they know the race riot is suppose to be happening in D.C. today? Why is the press even in Charlotteville, to sift through the ashes of last year’s violence in hope of kindling an ember they can blow into a full blown wild fire? Well, forgive me for my lack of sympathy for getting burned.

  3. After watching Acosta say on the White House Lawn that Trump’s anger would endanger Reporters a week ago, I had an idea that maybe the Cabal was ready to Sacrifice a Reporter of they’re own. They would have blammed the Alt Right, so this was the Perfect offset.

  4. Meanwhile, in Alternate Reality, the media is colluding to release a coordinated editorial attack on Trump for calling them fake news because it might lead to them being assaulted or attacked.

    Like they just were. By their own side.

    This is what it sounds like when doves cry.


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